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Pah-La Tickets

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs at The Royal CourtLondon

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Pah-La Tickets at the Royal Court Theatre, London

Pah-La tickets are finally available as the show is set for a 3 week run at London's Royal Court Theatre.

Abhishek Majumdar's Pah-La comes to London

In an isolated village in Tibet, a young woman decides to disown Tsering, her father and become a Buddhist nun. At the same time in Lhasa Chinese Commander Deng is working to secure the future of the country. These demands mean he is not meeting the needs of his wife and daughter. 

When Deshar decides to self-immolate in an act of defiance the act sends shockwaves through the whole country. A new struggle for freedom is born and the consequences are life-changing for Deshar, Deng and their respective families. 

Pah-La tickets are available

Pah-la is based on real stories of the 2008 riots in Lhasa. The history of Tibet and China is old and fraught. This turbulence continues today. There was a minor scandal when the opening of Pah-La was postponed and subsequently cancelled in 2017. There were calls of censorship and it was later revealed that the British Council had advised that the run of the show could jeopardise projects being run in China at the time. 

Now Pah-La is making its debut, come see the work that got people so worked up. Abhishek Majumdar returns to the Royal Court Theatre after his The Djinns of Eidgah in 2013. The renowned playwright, teacher and founder of Indian Ensemble has worked with the Royal Court on several other occasions including in 2010 as a writer on the International Department's multi-year project in India and with the Royal Court's International Residency in 2011. 

Director Debbie Hannan also has a history of work with the Royal Court including directing Latir and Primetime and assisting on The NetherThe Internet is Serious Business and Birdland.

Book Pah-La tickets now to ensure your chance to see this limited seat limited run work.