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Pieter-Dirk Uys: When in Doubt Say Darling Tickets

Soho Theatre, London5.05 reviews
Pieter-Dirk Uys: When in Doubt Say Darling

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Top Rated Show
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Pieter-Dirk Uys: When in Doubt Say Darling tickets on sale now!

Following a hit presentation of his critically acclaimed memoir, The Echo of a Noise, in 2018, Pieter-Dirk Uys, the highly renowned satirist and political activist from South Africa, is back in London's West End to put on a special, new thought-provoking show entitled When in Doubt Say Darling. Ever wondered what the 'mock' in democracy and the 'con' in reconciliation really means?

Is the word 'darling' considered sexual harassment?

We have found ourselves in a new, more 'woke' society. An era when political correctness is policed more and more and when the #MeToo movement is making significant strides in women's rights. But are we now overly self-aware? Have we taken it too far? Can calling someone 'darling' be considered inappropriate or misogynistic? Should white actors be permitted to portray black actors? Are male performers committing a form of cultural appropriation when they dress up as women? Welcome to a world filled with hate speech and potentially harmful hashtags.

What is When in Doubt Say Darling about?

In these catastrophic times when Cape Town recently became the first major city to run out of water, and at a time when South Africa's general elections are just beyond the horizon, South African performer, satirist, author, playwright and gender impersonator, Pieter-Dirk Uys returns to the UK for an all-new show that is relevant to our time. Uys has got his hands full with this one, but as he makes his way back to The Big Smoke, he can't help but wonder if Brexit is just a politically correct version of South Africa's apartheid racial segregation system...

Like history, politics tends to repeat itself, transforming history into fake news and mindless entertainment. When in Doubt Say Darling is an attempt to sort out 40 years of political messiness, from tripartite and apartheid to amandla and Nkandla. Times are intense. People live in their own bubbles, staring at the screens of their mobile phones and electronic devices as casual greetings and embraces slowly become viewed as harassment and racist attacks. Uys has just very simple advice to give: when in doubt, say darling. If you can't remember someone's name, ask to see Darling. He did just that, and now he lives in Darling, South Africa.

Join Pieter-Dirk Uys and other darlings on a riveting walk through the minefield of hate speech and hashtags all the way to the edge of a crisis cliff, when the end of the world is near and the climate change clock is ticking.

Don't miss this provocative new show by Pieter-Dirky Uys this May! Book your tickets early to secure the best seats and prices at the Soho Theatre!

Additional Information

Age restriction

Suitable for ages 16+

Running time

1hr 20min (no interval)

Performance dates

06 - 25 May 2019

Venue Information

Soho Theatre21 Dean St Soho, London, W1D 3NE

Customer Reviews

5 reviews5.0

Atsea7th June

Absolutely brilliant, excellent wit and entertainment!

Sooozee Gundle28th May

He was outstanding

Ann Blythe26th May

Really interesting and compelling account of PDU’s political resistance in SA before, during and after the dismantling of apartheid, made particularly and painfully relevant by the parallels he drew with the current Brexit-stasis in the UK... PDU was alternately funny poignant and tragic in his depiction of political inertia in the face of iniquity... I am deeply impressed by his refusal to compromise and by the love with which he endows all his creative enterprises - both in Darling and the wider SA. He is an inspiration.

Vaclav Vajner26th May

Excellent entertainment, kept the audience in stitches for the full show!

Lynn Jolliffe25th May

He was absolutely fabulous. So talented. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. And I'll definitely visit Darling one day ??

Janice Squire16th May

Great entertainment. Didn't like the seating as we were in row F and this was on the same level as rows A to E so not clear enough view of the stage. Double seats not very comfortable. Up grade please!