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Stray Dogs Tickets

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Park TheatreLondon
Last Chance to see Stray Dogs, must end 7 December

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Last Chance to see the world premiere of Stray Dogs at Park Theatre!

Dead Letter Perfect and Park Theatre present a world premiere from writer Olivia Olsen for a strictly limited season beginning 13 November to 7 December 2019. Based on extraordinary true events where language is a weapon, this exciting new production is bound to be a hit! Secure your tickets for Stray Dogs now and prepare for a gripping play where poetry is power.

What’s Stray Dogs about?

Explore the true events of a woman so extraordinary with a story that sees her torn between her loyalties and duties. Set in Russia in 1940, celebrated poet Anna Akhmatova has lost her first husband to the purges of a land gripped by terror. Her son awaits execution in a stately prison, and she is approached by the one responsible for it all. The tyrant, Stalin, wants a favour from her! Anna delves deep into oblivion to the point where she is believed to be dead when a hand reaches into the depths and offers her a renewal of life. Isaiah Berlin, the Russian/British philosopher, risks the perils behind the iron curtain in order to find her. With poetry on her side and giving her a weapon that can control and manipulate the masses for better or for worse, she must decide which side of the curtain she wants to be on. How far will her loyalty lead her? What lengths is she willing to go to save a life and to save herself?

A history on Anna Akhmatova

Anna Akhmatova is the pen name of one Anna Andreyevna Gorenko and one of the most significant Russian poets of her time. In 1965 she was shortlisted for the Nobel Prize (in Literature) and in the same year, she was also awarded an honorary doctorate from Oxford University. Akhmatova’s style was exceptionally distinctive, her individuality setting her apart from other Russian poets and writers of the time. Her works vary from short lyric poems to her lengthy elegy Requiem, which was all about Stalin and eventually, once completely published, became regarded as the best set of poems about the Soviet Great Purge. Despite her work being censored, she chose to stay in Russia to act as a witness to the events occurring around her, which she was widely noted for.  

Stray Dogs at London's Park Theatre tickets on sale now!