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Park Theatre, London
World Premiere of stage adaptation of Princess Mononoke

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Park Theatre presents the exciting World Theatrical Premiere of The Garden of Words

This unique Anglo-Japanese project will see a stage adaptation of popular anime from world-renowned director Makoto Shinkai be performed in both London and Tokyo. Tickets for The Garden of Words in its world premiere at London’s Park Theatre are available now for its highly anticipated one-month run in summer 2020. From the creators of Princess Mononoke stage adaptation and the creators of Sailor Moon stage production, these tickets are bound to be in high demand and a must for any anime fans.

What is The Garden of Words about?

Based on the stereotype-defying anime of the same name, The Garden of Words is a subtle drama inspired by modern Tokyo tale which comes from the ancient Man’yoshu poetry. The story tells us of a chance meeting when a student and an older woman meet when both seeking solace in a Japanese garden. They are drawn together by the feeling of alienation they otherwise feel and just when they think that this friendship could save them, a truth is about to be uncovered, and this friendship just might ruin them also. This play explores invisible disability and the loss of human connection in a world that is now predominantly digital and the isolation it can cause. It also challenges the moral line between platonic and romantic longing and forces us to consider a lot in what is a real eye-opening but subtle drama. This adaptation delves into Makoto Shinkai’s visually emotive story and brings it to life via puppetry, movement and projections. It will be performed in English with some Japanese.

Who are the creators of The Garden of Words?

The Garden of Words has been adapted for the stage by the UK’s World Hog Theatre who are best known for their stage adaptation of Princess Mononoke. They are joined by Nelke Planning of Tokyo who are Japanese Animation stage production specialists and who are most well known for the widely renowned Sailor Moon stage production. This project encourages diversity in audiences and in theatre in general by presenting an all-female led project that will see Japanese and British creatives and performers together as they challenge the stereotypes about Japan and Anime. This production will be directed by the resident director at Nelke Planning, Tokyo and the company director of Whole Hog Theatre, Alexandra Rutter.

Additional Information

Age restriction

This production is recommended for ages 12+

Running time

To be confirmed.

Performance dates

15 July - 15 August 2020

Venue Information

Park TheatrePark Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3JP