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Colab Factory, London5.01 reviews
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5 Star Rated
5 Star Rated
This show maintains a perfect five stars rating

The Swell Mob Colab Theatre tickets on sale now!

Flabbergast Theatre is bringing The Swell Mob to London’s Colab Factory. For an extremely limited time find yourself immersed in the world of The Swell Mob Tavern. Tickets are only available through 30 June, so be sure you secure your Swell Mob tickets now to avoid missing out on the experience of a lifetime.

The Swell Mob immersive experience

Find yourself surrounded by the sights and sounds of an 1860's taproom. You’ll have to dance, sing, gamble, and cheat your way through the crumbling world of this fully immersive event. Chug a London porter and become the hero, or swill some bathtub gin and take your place with the baddies. You’ll have free roam of The Swell Mob Tavern. Talk to as many, or as few of its denizens as you want. But remember, the more you explore, the more you will discover, and knowledge is power. Trade what you know info with the characters you meet or with other audience members and the path the evening takes will be changed by your choices. Not only is this event fully immersive, but it promises to thrill with award-winning clowning, puppetry and cabaret. Take your chance to dress the part and make the most of your evening-- Lose yourself with The Swell Mob.

Congratulations! You are now one of the elite, a member of the Swell Mob. As our newest member, you need to consider your role in the group and dress appropriately to your chosen field of operation. We are all of us thieves, coves and maces, but each in our specialised way: Molly coves (thieving prostitutes) in their corsets and stockings, Cardsharps with their flat caps and shirt garters, Counterfeit cranks with faked illnesses and fabricated wounds, Scaldrum dodges with their self-inflicted burns for sympathy, shyster gypsy tarot card readers and spiritualists, Padsmen dressed in black to stay unseen in the dark on the highway, Sandbaggers with hidden bludgeons, Pimps with ostentatious coats and wads of cash, and the Cream of the Crop dressed in the height of fashion: top hat, cane, gloves, bustles and lace, handkerchiefs and pocket watches. If you impress our Cashier Peggy with your garb, you will find yourselves suitably rewarded. Those that earn her disdain will find their time in our world less blessed.

An interactive evening with The Swell Mob at the Colab Factory in London

Don’t forget that The Swell Mob is so much more than just a show. It’s an opportunity to leave the world as we know it at the doors and completely inhabit the world of The Swell Mob Tavern. Twist and turn your way through a path on an adventure that is entirely shaped by your choices. Make sure you’re ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

London theatre tickets for The Swell Mob are only available for a limited time, so make sure you grab The Swell Mob tickets for the Colab Factory run before this chance passes you by!

Additional Information

Age restriction

This event is PG appropriate.

Running time

To be confirmed.

Performance dates

23 May - 30 June 2019

Special notes

You will travel through rooms, staircases and across uneven floors to find the inhabitants, they will help to keep you safe, if they direct you to go or not go into any particular direction or space, please take heed. No means no, you must follow instruction. No responsibility can be taken for damage to clothing/property or injuries caused. If you act inappropriately you will be asked to leave with no refund. The space could at times feel claustrophobic to some and the lighting, though dim to hide many a dark deed, may also flash at times and there may be loud noises without warning. If you are uncomfortable or ill at any time please make us aware by contacting an actor, our company manager or our stage manager, they are there to assist you.


If you have any medical condition that may be an issue please email us at least 24 hours ahead of attending on [email protected] or [email protected] be aware that due to the layout of the building only the ground floor is accessible to those in wheelchairs or those with severe mobility impairment. We will do our very best to facilitate any differently abled people but ask that we are given notice so that we may re-rehearse if necessary.

Venue Information

Colab FactoryFactory 47 Long Lane, London, SE1 4AU

Customer Reviews

1 reviews5.0

Christopher Merrick10th June

Amazing setting, awesome actors and a lively, fun experience. We want to go again but we are only here for a week on vacation!