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Garrick Theatre, London4.3115 reviews
Politics, politics and once again politics. This House at the Garrick!

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This House opening at the Garrick Theatre!

‘This country is being kept alive on aspirin when what it needs is electric bloody shock therapy.’

Is a political revolution coming? Will the Labour party collapse? Can the kingdom stay united?

It's 1974. And Westminster is about to go to war with itself. Set in the engine rooms of the House of Commons, James Graham's This House dives deep into the secret world of the Whips who roll up their sleeves and go to often farcical lengths to influence an unruly chorus of MPs within the Mother of all Parliaments.

In an era of chaos, both hilarious and shocking, fist fights break out in the parliamentary bars, high-stake tricks and games are played, while sick or dying MPs are carried through the lobby to register their crucial votes as the government hangs by a thread.

Premiered to universal acclaim at the National Theatre in 2012, This House written by James Graham (The Vote, Privacy) and directed by Headlong Artistic Director Jeremy Herrin (People, Places and Things, Wolf Hall), gives us a timely, moving and often amusing insight into the workings of British politics. Cast led by Phil Daniels (Bob Mellish), Kevin Doyle (Michael Cocks), David Hounslow (Joe Harper), Ed Hughes (Fred Silvester), Lauren O’Neil (Ann Taylor), Nathaniel Parker (Jack Weatherill), Steffan Rhodri (Walter Harrison), Malcolm Sinclair (Humphrey Atkins) and Sarah Woodward (Lady Batley) with Christopher Godwin, Peter Landi, Matthew Pigeon, Giles Taylor, Tony Turner and Orlando Wells.

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Additional Information

Age restriction

Recommended age for content: 14+

Running time

2 hours 55 minutes including interval. Monday to Saturday 7.30pm, Wednesday 2.30pm, Saturday 3pm

Performance dates

19 November 2016 to 25 February 2017


Contains strong language.

Venue Information

Garrick TheatreCharing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0HH

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Customer Reviews

115 reviews4.3


Very enjoyable. A reminder of the shenanigans that went on to get people through the lobby.

James L Best26th February

Superb production that reflects on 70's coalition and minority government politics in UK and that led to rise of Thatcherism. Many parallels to current post-Brexit chaos delivered by new Tory administrations. Humorous, poignant at times and beautifully acted. A real treat!

elaine lloyd26th February

Absolutely excellent. We would definitely see again if the possibility arose

Susan26th February

Reasonably priced tickets in restricted view, but enjoyment of the show was not diminished. Very entertaining. Well acted and cleverly choreographed.

Anna Hinde25th February

Fantastic show, funny, poignant, fast paced. Amazing seats, lovely theatre.

Susan Odell25th February

Slick, well acted but did not feel the music added anything.

Armorel Hanham25th February

Great show . Very amusing , slick and entertaining . Great cast too !

stephen allen21st February

Very well acted,true representation of the period

Carol21st February

Loved the show - such clever staging and the music added a period element! The one downside was the seating which is low and with tall people in front it did obscure the stage. I was in row B in the dress circle. The stage was all used including the upper level so 60% was fine. Acting was very fine and the audience loved it.

Gary Hathaway20th February

Very enjoyable performance. Extremely talented actors/actress. Very funny.

Ian Wilson20th February

Possibly the best play we have seen, and we have seen a few

Martyn Southern19th February

The production was excellent, well cast and a treat to watch. It was witty with outstanding dialogue, pertinent - and sad. Apart from three incidents, though, it confirmed (for me) the feeling that politicians will do anything to be/stay in power, that the electorate are secondary considerations. But I will recommend it to friends of all persuasions! Might even see it again if funds allow. Jayne Southern