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Wuthering Heights Tickets

Rose Theatre KingstonKingston
The windy moors of Wuthering Heights come to the Rose Theatre with a timeless tale of love

Wuthering Heights tickets are available now!

Fans of classical literature and drama will delight in this modern stage adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. A pioneer of the Romantic movement and one of literature’s most beloved stories, the intense, all-consuming love between Catherine and Heathcliff has touched the hearts of audiences for decades, with its gothic atmosphere that dances between love, obsession and the human condition. Book tickets for Wuthering Heights at the Rose Theatre today! 

The story of Wuthering Heights

'We don’t in general take to foreigners here… unless they take to us first.’ 

Against the backdrop of the wily, windy moors of Northern England, two souls from vastly different worlds come together in an undying and turbulent love affair - one that often leads to heartbreak and tragedy. As the lives of star-crossed lovers Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff intertwine, they face a constant battle against societal norms, class barriers, and their own inner demons, all leading to a series of events that have devastating consequences for all involved.

Emily Brontë’s razor-sharp wit and tremendous emotion are channelled throughout this contemporary adaptation which offers a new perspective on the infamous love tale of doomed heroes Catherine and Heathcliff. Brought sharply into the present day, it investigates the way violence breeds violence and the connection between social alienation and radical behaviour. 

The creatives of Wuthering Heights

The Rose Theatre production of Wuthering Heights is adapted from the novel of the same name by Emily Brontë and is created by Inspector Sands, the adaptation is conceived and developed by Lucinka Eisler and Ben Lewis, is written by Ben Lewis and is directed by Lucinka Eisler.

Tickets for Wuthering Heights are available now!

Wuthering Heights will contain brutality, danger, social awkwardness, thrilling music, high winds and mud and is not one to miss! Book your tickets for Wuthering Heights at the Rose Theatre today!