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Maggie Lynne

Maggie Lynne, a popular London based theatre actress, has always been in the news for her critically acclaimed performances in several shows. Lynne is currently appearing in Wicked where she is part of the ensemble and covers for Nessarose. 



Lynne was passionate about singing and dance routines from her childhood. Though she wanted to be a lawyer, Lynne wished to give a concrete shape to her love for music. She studied at The Dance School of Scotland. She then tried her luck in London where she continued to pursue Musical Theatre training at the esteemed Mountview Academy of theatre arts. 


A passion turned profession often stimulates a person to do something worth mentioning. Maggie Lynee is not an exception. She is part of WICKED London, the second longest-running production till date since its inception in 2006. It has attracted over 5 million visitors that cemented her foothold in the theatre industry. The show’s lasting appeal is because of its relevance in the contemporary political and ethical climate. Furthermore, its mind-blowing songs and unparalleled costumes cast a spell on the audience that takes them to a different world they would love to be for quite some time. 

Other Achievements:

Keeping aside Lynne’s acting talents, she is also an excellent vocalist. She was a part of Sunday at the Musicals up in Leicester where she sang a couple of songs (I Could Have Danced All Night and No-One But You) that gained huge applause.