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Pink Floyd Experience Tickets

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Dominion TheatreLondon
The golden age of rock bursts to life as Pink Floyd's legacy is celebrated on stage!
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##Pink Floyd Experience London Tickets

Celebrating 30 years since the iconic ‘PULSE' tour, this highly authentic show recreates the atmosphere of Floyd live - featuring top-flight musicians, a stunning light show and over two hours of incredible music.

Recreating the sights and sounds of the legendary band, this concert showcases the pivotal roles that Pink Floyd played in shaping psychedelic space-rock and blues-infused progressive rock.

Known for their thought-provoking, political, social, and emotional commentary, Pink Floyd left an incomparable mark on the world. Watch their legacy explode to life in over two hours of extraordinary music... the golden age of rock awaits! Book your tickets for the Pink Floyd Experience now!

(Please be aware that no members of Pink Floyd appear in this production).

About The Pink Floyd Experience

The UK Pink Floyd Experience is known for its dedication to capturing the essence of Pink Floyd's live performances, and it does just that. With meticulous attention to detail, this highly authentic show recreates the atmosphere that made the rock kings' concerts legendary. From the immersive visuals to the flawless musical renditions, every element of the original Pink Floyd experience is brought to life on stage.

The songs of the Pink Floyd Experience

Fans of Pink Floyd rejoice! The Pink Floyd Experience covers all bases of the band's outstanding discography, taking iconic songs from hit albums such as ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’, Animals’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, and ‘The Wall’.

For 2023, the show unveils the much-requested masterpiece, ‘Echoes’, adding an exciting new dimension to the celebration. It's a true homage to all things Floyd!

The Legacy of Pink Floyd

Known for their innovative soundscapes, Pink Floyd revolutionized the concept of rock music, pushing boundaries, and challenging conventional norms. Their groundbreaking albums became cultural touchstones, delving into themes of alienation, the human condition, and the pressures of society.

Pink Floyd are one of the best-selling and most successful bands in history. To date, they have sold over 250 million records worldwide, a staggering achievement that places them among the highest-selling music artists of all time. Their album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ alone has sold over 45 million copies worldwide. Additionally, ‘The Wall’, another iconic album, has sold over 30 million copies globally. Pink Floyd's discography continues to sell consistently due to its timeless and genre-defying.

The cast and creatives of the Pink Floyd Experience

The Pink Floyd Experience includes David Power on Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals and acting as Show Producer & Director, Rick Benbow on Piano, Keyboards & Vocals Programming and as Show Musical Director, Paul Andrews on Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals. 

The cast and creatives also include Mike Bollard on Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals and Francesco Borrelli on Drums & Percussion, with Emma Street on Vocals & Percussion, Joanne Paterson-Neild on Vocals, Saxophones, Flute & Percussion, Stu Hunt as Lighting Designer and Dave Woodfield as Sound Engineer.

Please be aware that no members of Pink Floyd appear in this production.

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