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Steve Vai - Passion & Warfare 25 Tour Tickets

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London PalladiumLondon

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The guitar legend Steve Vai at the London Palladium this June!

Steve Vai is a category of his own, and his style unclassifiable. No music genre is unknown to him. He has played with Frank Zappa, with whom he recorded the phenomal album Zappa's Universe, he has been member of bands such as The David Lee Roth Band, Whitesnake and Alcatrazz. During his career spanning 35 years, he has won 3 GRAMMY awards and has been nominated 15 times.

His exception guitar skills have granted him the place among the guitarist elite of Clapton, Hendrix and Van Halen. He not only plys music, but also writes, engineers and produces it - via own record label Favored Nations he has released over 70 albums by legends Steve Lukather or Eric Johnson, just to name a few. He has created music for blockbuster films, bestselling video games or national sports franchises. Vai is a honorary doctorate holder from Berklee Colelge of Music.

Do not miss this unique opprotunity to this this guitar hero live in London Palladium this spring and get your tickets now!