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Child policy
To be confirmed.
Running time
To be confirmed.
Performance dates
5 - 14 November 2019.

Reputation The Musical Customer Reviews

4 / 5 (4 customer reviews)

clare wade

15 November 19

A light musical with a sweet story. Lovely blowsy ladies and strong male leads, very much enjoyed.

Charles Moseley

15 November 19

Extremely talented cast, aside from a few accent slips (but those are pretty commonplace). During the performance, someone's phone went off right next to the performers to the point where it almost drowned out the band--kudos to them for going on like it hadn't happened, despite the small proximity. The entire musical was extremely enjoyable to watch, which makes up for the fact that a lot of the action takes place off-stage. I appreciate what the cast did with such a small space and hope that the musical finds more life outside The Other Palace.