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Charing Cross Theatre, London4.318 reviews
UK Premiere of the Off-Broadway hit!

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The sensational Yank! is coming to the West End's Charing Cross theatre!

The musical begins with a young man in present-day San Francisco who finds an old diary in a junk shop…

Through the journal we learn the story of Stu, a scared Midwestern kid who gets drafted in 1943, and who – like most guys – spends Basic Training wrestling with fears of whether he “has what it takes” to make it in the Army. But unlike most guys, Stu also falls in love with a fellow Private, a handsome All-American guy named Mitch..

YANK! tells Stu’s, Mitch’s, and Artie’s stories, as well as the stories of the other men in Charlie Company. It explores what it means to be a man, and what it is to fall in love and struggle to survive in a time and place where the odds are stacked against you.

★★★★★ YANK! is sensational. James Baker’s direction gets every beat and gear change just right.. -- Attitude 
★★★★★ Another 5-star gem. (…) it is a completely immersive and multi layered emotional piece of theatre. -- North West End 
★★★★ YANK! fully deserves its instant standing ovation and is a touching, heart-rending show superbly performed by a cast oozing with confidence and class. The eye-catching choreography from Chris Cuming is brought to life with precision and energy… -- The Reviews Hub 

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Running time


Performance dates

3 July - 19 August 2017

Venue Information

Charing Cross Theatre(formerly New Players Theatre), The Arches, Villiers Street, London, WC2N 6NG

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Customer Reviews

18 reviews4.3

Sue B20th August

High energy performance. Good music. Script a bit obvious but a story well worth telling. Thoroughly enjoyable. Lovely quaint theatre.

James Adutt19th August

brilliant show - fantastically well cast, and absolutely compelling - thank you all for a wonderful evening

Eduardo Camarena13th August

The show was amazing, touching without getting cheesy and fun. Very good performances. However, I booked seats in one of the balconies and the actual layout of the room was quite different to the one shown in the webpage, so I was not seated as expected, please amend this ASAP

Charlotte Cuerden29th July

After meeting the director and one of the original cast in a workshop at university, I very much wanted to see this show. I was blown away by its tight knit choreography and beautiful vocals. The story was both heart warming and breaking, and I enjoyed every second!

Chris Thurlow29th July

Excellent show, cast were outstanding. Will definitely recommended it

Klaus Schneider26th July

Fantastic. Really touching!

Emma Cannings26th July

Fabulous show full of fun but with important messaging... I've been twice already!!

Eduardo Ibarra-Olivo14th July

Very touching story, with lots of nice messages. Wonderful musical!

Cassandra Meehan14th July

Spoilers ahead. This show was almost amazing. Almost. I don't think I've ever been more effectively led on and punched in the gut by a show because the whole time, the end was looking good. It was looking happy, and like, for once, we might get that happily-ever-after no matter how unlikely. But instead we got what we always do- they don't get together and one of the two drinks himself to death. It's so, so frustrating to see that even LGBTQ writers can't write happy endings for ourselves and it's hurtful. It hurts me to know that we've come so far yet we still can't make it past the narrative that happy endings are reserved for straight stories. This show was so good and beautiful until the ending where instead of getting what every other love story gets, we got what every queer one does- unhappiness and death.

Ewan Comrie13th July

Wondeful production.... excellent performances. Beautifully written and constructed plot. Despite my initial misgivings - morphed seamlessly into a musical.

Yari Boscolo-Bignell13th July

what a beautiful show, I would go back there to see it right now. What a beautiful story and the cast is very very very good....and cute. I highly recommend it especially if you are a hopeless romantic like me.

JohnnySW411th July

'Yank', now showing at the Charing Cross Theatre is a musical play in which counter to the usual arguments, the play is far and away stronger than the music. Set in 1943, the central story - love between two servicemen in the American army - is powerfully told in a moving and tight script by David Zellnik. Together with his lyrics, it brings to the stage all the tensions and fears generated by being gay in the US services in those times. Wonderfully cliche-free, Zellnik D's script deserves to stand alone as piece of dramatic theatre for he is poorly served by the music of Zellnik J. The score is a clever pastiche of 1940's music and the tunes are serviceable rather than memorable but at no point do they begin to reach the dramatic height that the story demands. By the time we got to the second act a voice within me was silently screaming 'Lloyd Webber, Boublil & Schoenberg, where art thou?' I wanted to have my soul ripped from me but the emollient melodies prevented this from happening. Headed up by Scott Hunter and Andy Coxon, the excellent cast brought depth to each and every character and their commitment and energy is of the highest degree. Great designs by Victoria Hinton (set) and Aaron Dootson (lighting) create plenty of atmosphere and I have never seen the limitations of the Charing Cross stage used to such good effect. Now on until 19th August.