5 reasons to see Brainiac Live! at the Garrick Theatre

Posted on 2 August 2019

Brainiac Live! has just blasted its way onto the stage of London’s Garrick Theatre. The show has been touring and refining for years but opened in the West End this week. With twice a day matinees Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and one on Thursdays and Saturdays through the school holidays, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch this weird science show before it powers down. If that weren’t enough reason to grab tickets post-haste, we’ve compiled a list of 5 more reasons you really should go see Brainiac Live! at the Garrick Theatre this summer. 

5. It’s a fast-paced production.

Coming in at just an hour this show really packs a punch. With quick scene changes punctuated with quizzes and trivia, Brainiac Live! moves from experiment to experiment with lightning speed that keep you and your little scientists on the edge of your seats from the first to the last. 

4. Yes, it’s a science show, but it’s entertaining.

Brainiac Live! bills itself as ‘the show that laughs in the face of science’ and it will have you and the whole family laughing too. Whether you’re 6 or 96 it’s hard not to smile when you get to watch explosions (safely from the comfort of your theatre seat), and the hosts make sure you’ll enjoy every minute. 

3. It’s educational, too.

Let’s face it, science class isn’t always the most interesting class, especially when it’s not hands-on. Brainiac Live! reminds us just how much fun science can be. This show is sure to pique the interest of your little scientist so be ready to start doing science experiments at home once the show is over. 

2. Fun for the whole family!

Maybe you grew up watching the Brainiac: Science Abuse TV show and are ready for a trip down memory lane. Maybe the younger members of the family are really into science (or just loud bangs). Even if the Brainiacs are completely new to you they’ll have the attention of the entire family, it’s hard not to pay attention when there are explosions, live electricity and men spinning around at high speed on office chairs… 

1. It’s affordable!

Even when there isn’t an amazing offer there are plenty of seats available under£20. However, catching this show could end up costing you less than a day at the cinema with London Theatre Direct’s amazing 72-hour flash sale. When you book Brainiac Live! tickets before 5 August you can save up to £20. On Tuesday through Friday performances you can save more than 55% on tickets and for Saturday and Sunday shows the savings are nearly 60%. Don’t miss your chance to grab this great #LTD20 offer, valid on all performances but act quickly as this flash sale only runs through 5 August!

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