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    5 Reasons to See Les Miserables (again. . .)

    Around the same time last year, I saw Les Miserables on stage for the first time. A year later and I couldn’t resist a revisit, and I fell in love all over again. Therefore I thought I’d remind you of why this show is a must-see!

    1. The Music – How can you not hear those songs and feel chills run down your arm? I love that it balances emotional heartfelt ballads, empowering anthems and perfect vocal blending between characters.  I cried right through from “Turning” to “Empty Chairs At Empty Tables” – and I heard a few other sniffles too. I think that showcases just how powerful and iconic these songs are. 
    2. The Story – I find myself leaving the theatre with mixed feelings, should I be excited because I find it so brilliant? Or am I just emotionally broken? Either way that proves the story makes you feel something. It’s complex at times (especially if it’s your first visit) but it’s powerful, emotional and inspiring – it just feels like everything a musical should be. 
    3.  Incredible Cast - Since my last visit there’ve been several cast changes, so it was exciting for me to see the 17/18 cast and they definitely didn’t let me down. In fact, they probably exceeded my expectations. Most notably, I really enjoyed seeing Chris Cowley as Enjolras because I was fortunate enough to see him in The Last Five Years at my local theatre, and it proved his talent to me even more. I also thought Katy Secombe has blossomed into the role of Madame Thénardier even more since my last visit as she was louder and funnier. However, each cast member in both my previous and most recent visit was wonderful, and I commend them for doing those parts 8 times a week! 
    4. The Staging & Production Values – I really am in awe of everything about the staging from the set to the costume, and beyond. It’s such a visual treat, and easily one of the best on the West End. 
    5. The Message – For me, it almost reiterates the fact life is short. The fact it’s important to fight for what you believe in and tell people you love them because they could be gone tomorrow. I think the quote from “The Epilogue” (finale) song showcases that message perfectly too – “even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise” as if to remind us that life may be cruel, but it continues on. 

    I believe this is a show for everyone, and it’s easily one I could see over and over again. I hope you’ve enjoyed my reminders of why this show is so great! Have you seen this show yet? How many visits are you on? I’d love to know your thoughts!  Tweet us @theatre_direct

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