An Interview with Joe Idris-Roberts from Eyes Closed, Ears Covered at The Bunker Theatre

Eyes Closed, Ears Covered has recently had its world premiere at The Bunker Theatre. Eyes Closed, Ears Covered centres on two teenage boys and what happens when an adventure meets with their past. We were fortunate enough to be able to chat with Joe Idris-Roberts, one of the show’s stars and get to know a little more about him and the show.

Eyes Closed, Ears Covered has just had its opening runs through the end of September. What drew you to the project in the first place?
It looked challenging and I love a challenge.

The show has been described as a thriller, a dark comedy and a painfully tender show. Without giving too much away, how would you describe the show?
It’s a play about two friends skipping school and getting to Brighton for a great adventure. It follows their pitfalls and delves into their pasts.

Do you have any routines, preparations or superstitions that are important to you before the opening of a show?
I warm up and try to relax. Focus on the objectives and keep my ear to the ground. To be honest each show has its own unique prep. 

The show deals with some very serious, and pretty dark, issues. How are you managing that on and off the stage?
On stage I don’t have enough time to think about managing it, and to try and manage it on stage would leaden the performance I think. It’s a job at the end of the day and once you’re done with it for the day, you’re done: you can set it to one side like any other job. It’s called a ‘play’ for a reason.

Every project we work on leaves its mark on us. What impact has this show had on you personally?
As always, the greatest mark a show makes on me is seeing the wondrous things a group of relative strangers can do in the space of a few weeks. Garnering new skills and gaining new ideas is a bonus too!

The show aims to raise awareness about domestic violence, particularly towards women and children. What do you hope the audience leaves thinking/talking about?
I’d consider it a job well done if they talk about it full stop. It’s about encouraging an audience to comment honestly on what they think, and all commentary on a piece of creative art will raise certain issues that bear some thinking about. Though I agree that the text does aim to raise awareness of the issues you have identified, and rightly so!

Eyes Closed, Ears Covered tickets are available now, but the show ends its run 30 September so book your tickets without delay!


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