Bring It On UK tour postponed to 2021, Southbank Centre run in December could be next

Posted on 27 May 2020

The highly anticipated Bring It On tour, which was meant to open this year, has now been postponed to 2021, it has been confirmed. It is unclear whether the London run of Bring It On will still go ahead. The Southbank Centre is currently struggling financially and may be forced to close until at least April 2021, having urged the government to further support of the arts. As it stands now, tickets for the Bring It On musical at the centre's Queen Elizabeth Hall remain on sale and the show is still scheduled to run from 9 December 2020 until 10 January 2021. This could, of course, change depending on how the situation develops. Let's keep cheering for the best-case scenario.

It remains to be seen whether the pom-poms will still come out this December.

Bring It On UK tour postponed to autumn 2021

Bring It On was meant to kickstart its tour in Birmingham this June but has now been moved to autumn 2021, it has been announced. It is still unknown whether the Southbank Centre run this winter will go ahead or if it's next on the chopping block. London's Southbank Centre currently needs more financial support to continue running art projects, otherwise, it will be forced to close until the second quarter next year.

Is Bring It On still coming to Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre?

Set to star Love Island's Amber Davies in the role of Campbell opposite Louis Smith as Cameron, Bring It On The Musical has us whipping out our spirit fingers in excitement. It's possible that if the production manages to sell out and/or continue selling tickets, then the show will go on. But at this stage, it's too early to tell. The musical boasts a catchy soundtrack full of infectious earworms and features an original plot that strays away from the Kirsten Dunst-Torrance Shipman storyline from the 2000 film of the same name.

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