(Chestnuts roasting on an open) quickfire with Tim Mahendran

Posted on 19 December 2023

As it’s the festive season, (the big day is just six sleeps away!) we were tempted to send The Time Traveller’s Wife star, Tim Mahendran, ten lords a-leaping, however, ten Christmas questions were easier to send via email…

He may be playing Gomez in the weepy page to stage adaptation of The Time Traveller’s Wife, but his Christmas Day resembles another book to film to stage show, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Up to thirteen people are crammed onto his parents bed on Christmas morning to open their presents! (though, we’re reliably informed that the family do leave the bedroom to tuck into his Mums famous Beef Wellington, ‘we only get it once year, but every time it’s worth the wait!’)

Something he doesn’t have to wait 364 days a year for? Chocolate! Just like Charlie, The Time Traveller’s Wife cast are partial to a sweet treat, especially in the winter months. ‘There are lots of sweets and chocolate backstage, and when people walk on stage, there is a strong chance they are still eating chocolate’.

So, when you next watch the smash-hit show at the Apollo Theatre, try and guess which Quality Street the characters may, or may not, have in there pocket. Though we’re not quite sure where Henry (David Hunter) would hide his…


1. What are you doing for Christmas this year?

I’m splitting my time in half! Christmas Eve I am with my partners family, and then Christmas Day we are with mine. Then back to work!

2. What’s your favourite Christmas song?

I think mine change each year. Currently I’m vibing to Step In Christmas!

3. What's your favourite backstage tradition during the Christmas season that the audience might not know about?

Everyone is drunk! I’m joking. I mean, there are lots of sweets and chocolate backstage, and when people walk on stage, there is a strong chance they are still eating chocolate haha.

4. What was the first Christmas show you watched at the theatre?

It was the at Cheltenham Everyman Theatre which is near where I grew up. 

5. If you could perform any Christmas-themed show, which one would it be and why?

I’ve never seen it, but I have a feeling Buddy in Elf would be quite a fun part to play.

6. Panto dame or panto villain?

I think I’m going to say Villain, as I’ve never played one before. I’ve also never played a dame either so…both.

7. What are your Christmas traditions?

To this day, first thing in the morning we all sit on my parents’ bed and give each other presents. With all my siblings, our partners, parents and grandchildren we can have up to thirteen people sitting on one bed!

8. What do you hope to find under the tree this year?

A Porsche

9. Which person would you most like to meet under the mistletoe?

Of course, my girlfriend!

10. Which Christmas food do you most look forward to?

My mum does a Beef Wellington every Christmas, which is honestly to die for. Only get it once year, and every time it’s worth the wait!

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