Drag Race’s River Medway and Victoria Scone to join the cast of Death Drop: Back In The Habit

Posted on 30 September 2022

Prepare for a night of eleganza extravaganza - it has recently been announced that RuPaul’s Drag Race UK legends River Medway and Victoria Scone will be joining an already fierce lineup of queens in Death Drop: Back In The Habit. Henny, it's time for some serial slasher realness! Book your tickets for Death Drop: Back in The Habit today!

Image: River Medway.
Image: Victoria Scone.
Image: River Medway.
Image: Victoria Scone.

About River Medway and Victoria Scone

They call her the beautiful butterfly. Named after the River Medway, this iconic queen competed in the third series of Drag Race UK and soon earned the title of underdog. In episode 1 of Drag Race UK, River Medway stole the stage by walking the runway dressed as the statue of Thomas Waghorn. Despite mixed weekly reactions from the judges, she managed to captivate the hearts of fans nationwide. 

Welsh drag performer Victoria Scone entered Drag Race UK influenced by the pride of Britain, which is why she named herself after the delicious baked good. Not only is she the drag daughter of Tia Kofi, but she also made herstory by being the first lesbian cisgender woman to participate in the Drag Race franchise. With ravishing outfits and a loveable persona, Scone, alongside Medway, join Drag Race alumni Willam, Cheryl Hole, and drag king LoUis CYfer.

The premise of Death Drop: Back in The Habit 

Get ready to take a trip to the nunnery - what awaits is a group of glistening and glamourous nuns stumbling through their Convent in desperation, trying their best to avoid a serial slasher that stalks the halls! Watch as Sis Marple reveals all the juicy clues. You’ll be clutching your chest and dropping that jaw - eager to see if these queens can make it to the finish line.

Tickets for Death Drop: Back in The Habit are now available!

Covergirl, put that bass in your walk! Get ready to see some of the world's most famous drag queens, by booking your tickets for Death Drop: Back in The Habit today, live in London! 

By Kevin Thomas

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