Interview with Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’s Jade Ogugua

Posted on 29 November 2023

Just a few weeks have passed since Jade Ogugua stepped into the shoes of one of the most powerful witches of all time. In Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, the epic continuation of the beloved Wizarding World series, the world's favourite trio has grown up, but they remain adventurers at heart. Harry is a dedicated father of three, Ron owns a joke shop, and Hermione, unsurprisingly, leads The Ministry of Magic. However, when she's not ruling the roost, Jade is just like any other Muggle out there. So, let's catch up with her and see how she immerses herself in the mindset of "it's leviOsa, not levioSA."

Jade Ogugua Interview 

1. How do you get yourself ready to go on stage? 

Jade: People get me ready really…I just need to wash my face, get my mic shorts on, and go to the toilet twice…three times if I’m wearing a harness! 

2. If you weren’t playing your current role, who else would you like to perform as in the show?

Jade: Oh god, there’s so many people. Obviously, Harry Potter. Also, Draco, because he and Harry in the duel are *chefs kiss*. Also Delphi, but I think I’d need a bit of ballet training before I did that. 

3. What is your favourite autumnal treat? 

Jade: Food! But more specifically, cinnamon buns and an oat mocha latte.

4. Well, annoyingly, I lost my headphones, so I need to get some new ones. So I’m waiting for Black Friday to get them! 

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By Kevin Thomas

From as early as I can recall, writing has always been my passion. Being able to combine this with my love for theatre has been a rewarding and exhilarating experience. I truly believe that there is magic in seeing a story brought to life on stage, and this is what I would like to promote to audiences.