Musical Revivals And Missed Opportunities

Posted on 8 September 2015

I admit, I only discovered my love for theatre and musicals within the last year or so, but despite this the more I research into them, stumble upon songs or soundtracks and watch films or stage shows, I keep thinking about the musicals that were missed opportunities or deserve revivals.
If you’re a theatre lover, I’m sure this is a common topic on your mind too.

So after some deliberation, I decided to compile a list of the top five musicals that I would love to see on stage (either through revivals, west-end transfers or wishing I could have seen them at the time):
1. RENT – It was actually my sister who introduced me to the film, she sold it to me by saying “it’s a musical with Idina Menzel in it, you know, who voices Elsa in Frozen” and I was just learning more about Idina as Frozen was gaining attention and publicity, I started to be really gripped by her quirky personality, so I watched it. At first I didn’t really get it, but I really enjoyed the soundtrack so I downloaded it and started falling in love with the music. I recently gave it a second watch and I understand it a lot more. I would love to see how it was portrayed on stage. I think seeing the original cast/show on Broadway would have been an incredible experience, especially with the fact it was a bit of risk-taker upon initial release in the 90s era. I also personally enjoy stories of real issues/with relation to reality, so I believe I’d have loved it.
2. Beauty & The Beast – This has always been one of my favourite Disney films and holds some of my most beloved Disney characters. I have actually seen a production of it, but I was so young that I can’t remember anything apart from the iconic poster, so I would love to have a chance to see this again and be able to remember it!
3. Mary Poppins – I’m aware that it is still touring, so it may not officially count, but it hasn’t been performed anywhere near me, though I’m hoping it will soon (or that it will go back to London again for a limited run) because this is another classic Disney story that I love with genius songs but I never even knew that it was a stage show until recent researching!
4. Chicago – I came across the film on Netflix. It was another one where the casting sold it to me, but I almost instantly fell in love with the strong female leads of good girls turning bad, trying to escape death-row with a jazz soundtrack to guide them through. It still runs on Broadway but I would love it to get a West End revival, because similar to RENT, I’m intrigued to see how it works on stage. I can only imagine the sexy, sultry reds and sequined dresses.
5. If/Then – This is a new musical, also running with the Idina Menzel theme. It had a run on Broadway for a year and is soon-to-be taking a US tour. I discovered the soundtrack online and just like RENT, I got totally invested in the songs and was intrigued by the complex storyline, so I’m hoping that in the future it can make it’s way to the West End and maybe even bring the Broadway cast with it. Don’t even pretend you wouldn’t be interested!
I know there are many more that I could think of but these are probably my top picks.
What would your choices be?