New immersive 'Monopoly' production to open in London in 2021

An immersive production of the popular board game Monopoly is set to open in London in 2021, marking a new partnership between new company Gamepath (under the umbrella of H & R Entertainment: parent company of Selladoor Worldwide) and Hasbro Inc. The game made headlines last year when a trailer for the film, The Mandela Effect, cast a spotlight on the commonly shared false memory that Rich Uncle Pennybags (aka "The Monopoly Man") wore a monocle, which he, in fact, never has.

New immersive 'Monopoly' production to open in London in 2021
Monopoly will soon be 'literally' blown out of proportion in a new life-size, immersive experience in London. Photo ©️ William Warby | Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Monopoly "to pass go" in London next year

It has been confirmed that a brand-new immersive production of Monopoly is set to take over "Park Lane" and "Mayfair" next year, it has been confirmed. Hasbro Inc. has entered into a partnership with Gamepath who together will be adapting the famous board game brand into a fully immersive event. Similar to The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street, the new Monopoly experience will open at a secret venue in London that has yet to be announced.

The event is led by head of development Julia Posen. Gamepath is comprised of development producer Tom Beynon and associate producer Paul Mansfield and is managed by CEO David Hutchinson and CFO Philip Rowntree.

An immersive Monopoly experience? Won't that go on for hours on end? 

In contrast to actually playing Monopoly, which has the tendency to drag on for hours, the immersive Monopoly experience will incorporate just 75 minutes of challenges and activities, which teams must race to complete in order to move across the board and buy up their property. Whether "Get Out of Jail Free" cards will be involved remains to be seen.

About the new partnership and the new Monopoly event

Gamepath and Hasbro's new partnership plan on developing a whole range of interactive experiences in order to broaden the Hasbro brand's portfolio and Monopoly is only just the beginning.

David Hutchinson, CEO of Sellador Worldwide, said: "We're delighted to launch our new company, Gamepath, dedicated to developing and producing experiential productions in partnership with leading global brands."

"The gaming sector is a huge industry, and by working alongside household brands developing them into innovative, dynamic live gaming experiences – we're hoping we can bring a whole host of new audiences to live performance who want to consume entertainment in a different way."

Matt Proulx, Vice President of Location Based Entertainment at Hasbro, further commented: "It's incredibly exciting to finally be announcing our future plans with the team at Selladoor Worldwide. Launching the Monopoly experience in London next year is just the beginning and we're excited to bring more of our iconic brands to the stage in the future."

What's next for the immersive scene in London's West End? Hungry Hungry Hippos? Clue? Ouija? (Okay, maybe that one would be too scary) Or perhaps a good ol' Frogger experience. Who knows. Anything is possible! Stay tuned.

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