New production images released for Bat Out of Hell

Posted on 20 December 2022

The unforgettable album from Meat Loaf has been reworked into a must-see dystopian musical and is the ultimate feast for the senses. The rock ‘n’ roll meets romance production Bat Out of Hell is pumped with adolescent turmoil and soaring musical performances. Following critically-acclaimed performances that have shaken the globe, Bat Out of Hell rides its motorcycles straight onto the stage of London's Peacock Theatre! Recently, new production images have been released for Bat Out of Hell, which shows the cast fully immersed in their roles as they trek through the wastelands of Obsidian. Take a sneak-peak at these images to see what's in store for a night of Bat Out of Hell brilliance! Book your tickets today!

About Bat Out of Hell 

In a dark futuristic chapter, the city of Manhattan has fallen to the ground and in its place rises the dystopian ruins of Obsidian. Frozen in time are The Lost, a group of teenagers that have been rendered immortal due to the result of a chemical war. Follow their thrilling exploits as they desperately try to reclaim Obsidian from the tyranny of the vicious dictator Falco, who gripped by greed and evil, plans to take complete control of the city. 

Within the cold and hazardous wreckage there is safety and warmth, found in a budding love between The Lost leader Strat and Falco’s rebellious daughter Raven, only…he will live forever, whilst she is destined to die. Join them on this gruelling and relentless pursuit for freedom, as destiny wills to tear them apart.

The music of Bat Out of Hell 

Inspired by the pain of rural teenage angst, the debut collaboration between rock legend Meat Loaf and masterful composer Jim Steinman Bat Out of Hell the album became one of the best-selling albums of all time, selling over 60 million copies worldwide to date and continuing to sell over 200,000 copies per year. Its follow-up album Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell, contained the worldwide hit I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).

For this epic production, the award-winning Jim Steinman has incorporated smash-hit songs from the Bat Out Of Hell albums, including I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That), Bat Out of Hell, You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, What Part of My Body Hurts the Most.

The cast and creatives of Bat Out of Hell 

The International Tour of Bat Out of Hell has book, music and lyrics by Jim Steinman, direction by Jay Scheib, with musical supervision and additional arrangements by Michael Reed, choreography adapted by Xena Gusthart, set and costume design by Jon Bausor, original costume designs by Meentje Nielsen, original wig designs by Linda McKnight, video design by Finn Ross, lighting design by Patrick Woodroffe, sound design by Gareth Owen, orchestration by Steve Sidwell, original casting by David Grindrod CDG and International Tour casting by Anne Vosser.

Tickets for Bat Out of Hell are available now!

Don’t miss out on this electric love story, accompanied by the legendary sounds of Meatloaf!

By Kevin Thomas

From as early as I can recall, writing has always been my passion. Being able to combine this with my love for theatre has been a rewarding and exhilarating experience. I truly believe that there is magic in seeing a story brought to life on stage, and this is what I would like to promote to audiences.