New rehearsal images released for My Neighbour Totoro

Posted on 3 October 2022

The incredible adaptation of the original cult classic My Neighbour Totoro comes to the Barbican for a limited 15-week run. Prepare to be enchanted by the mystery, magic and imagination of sisters Satsuki and Mei during the greatest summer of their lives. Exciting new rehearsal photos for My Neighbour Totoro have recently been released, which see the cast toying with props and practising ahead for their highly-anticipated debut on the stage. Tickets for the stunning and ethereal My Neighbour Totoro are available to book now!

Image: a man wearing glasses listening intently.
Image: a man wearing a lanyard with his hands out like he is addressing somebody.
Image: a boy kneeled down holding a bucket, surrounded by fake chickens.
Image: various cast in different positions rehearsing.
Image: three cast members sat together, one appears to be laughing whilst the other two stare off into the distance.
Image: a female cast member wearing a hat, holding a small object up and staring at it.
Image: two cast members interacting, one is holding a basket with fruit in.
Image: cast members behind fake leaves.
Image: cast members rehearsing.
Image: cast members sat together focusing on something in the distance.
Image: a member of the cast sat down, staring at something in the distance in a focused way, like he is listening to somebody speak.
Image: cast members rehearsing, they appear to be bending down and focusing on something.
Image: a cast member holding a wooden airplane.
Image: cast members rehearsing in different positions.
New rehearsal images released for My Neighbour Totoro
Image: two women and a young girl huddled close together on a bed speaking.
Image: a woman sat on a bed staring off into the distance.

About My Neighbour Totoro 

This coming-of-age tale reminds us that there are no limits to the powers of human imagination. Having reeled in film audiences for decades, the story has been reimagined for the stage and follows sisters Satsuki and Mei as they wander the vast countryside surroundings of their new home, only what they are about to uncover is far more interesting than trees and rural landscapes. After stumbling upon a vibrant fantasy world and an ancient forest protector named Totoro, Satsuki and Mei journey alongside the mystical creatures and their new-found neighbour into the boundless and brilliant realm of spirits and wonders. 

The cast and creatives of My Neighbour Totoro 

This innovative adaptation is written by playwright Tom Morton-Smith (Oppenheimer) and is directed by two-time Olivier Award winner Phelim McDermott (Akhnaten, Shock Headed Peter, The Addams Family). The production design is handled by Tom Pye, with costume design by Kimie Nakano and lighting design by Jessica Hung Han Yun

The production will also feature puppetry from Basil Twist in addition to music from Joe Hisaishi, there will also be a new orchestration by Will Stuart. The music will be performed live with sound design coming from Tony Gayle.

The stage adaptation will feature Haruka Abe (Yasuko/ puppeteer), Li-Leng Au (puppeteer), Boaz Chad (puppeteer), Nino Furuhata (Kanta/ puppeteer), Andrew Futaishi (puppeteer), Zachary Hing (puppeteer), Susan Momoko Hingley (Miss Hara/ puppeteer), Yojiro Ichikawa (puppeteer), Arina Li (puppeteer), Haruka Kuroda (Nurse Emiko/ puppeteer), Marian Lee (puppeteer), Matthew Leonhart (puppeteer), Mei Mac (Mei), Aki Nakagawa (puppeteer), Kanako Nakano (Tsukiko/ puppeteer), Ami Okumura Jones (Satsuki), Michael Phong Le (Hiroshi/ puppeteer), Tobi Poster-Su (puppeteer), Si Rawlinson (puppeteer), Dai Tabuchi (Tatsuo/ puppeteer), Jacqueline Tate (Granny/ puppeteer) and Shaofan Wilson (puppeteer).

Tickets for My Neighbour Totoro are available now! 

Want to see where Satsuki and Mei end up on their magical journey?

By Kevin Thomas

From as early as I can recall, writing has always been my passion. Being able to combine this with my love for theatre has been a rewarding and exhilarating experience. I truly believe that there is magic in seeing a story brought to life on stage, and this is what I would like to promote to audiences.