NEWSIES announces new cast

Posted on 6 April 2023

Brimming with heartwarming solidarity and catchy show tunes, Disney's NEWSIES is a beloved cult classic turned musical sensation! 

Exciting new cast members have been added to the already stellar lineup, making this a performance you won't forget. So why just read the headlines when you can experience the story firsthand? NEWSIES will be headed to its final curtain call at London's Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre on July 30th, 2023. Don’t miss out, book your tickets for NEWSIES today!

The cast of NEWSIES

The new cast members joining on 19 April are Spencer Darlaston-Jones as Romeo, Morgan Gregory as Swing, Mireia Mambo as Ensemble Forbes Masson as Joseph Pulitzer, Kai Oxley as Swing, Bradley Perret as Elmer, Owen Stringer as Oscar Delancey, Lucy Young as Swing and Ben Dalton and Harry Newby as Les.

They join existing cast members Michael Ahomka-Lindsay as Jack Kelly, Moya Angela as Medda Larkin, Lindsay Atherton as Ensemble, Imogen Bailey as Swing, Samuel Bailey as Specs, Bronté Barbé as Katherine Plumber, Josh Barnett as Race, Jack Bromage as Tommy Boy, Bobbie Chambers as Ensemble, Alex Christian as Buttons, Arcangelo Ciullaas Ike, George Crawford as Morris Delancey, Ross Dawes as Snyder, Joshua Denyer as Mush, Ross Dorrington as Splasher, Matthew Duckett as Crutchie, Jacob Fisher as Albert, Jamie Golding as Wiesel, Damon Gould as Finch, Barry Keenan as Nunzio, Ryan Kopel as Davey, Sion Lloyd as Bunsen, Mukeni Nel as Jo Jo, Mark Samaras as Mike, Rory Shafford as Swing, Matt Trevorrow as Henry, Lillie-Pearl Wildman as Ensemble and Nesim Adnan and Ethan Sokontwe as Les.

The story of NEWSIES 

Step back in time to the turn of the 20th century in the bustling city of New York and witness the inspiring true story of NEWSIES unfold. Follow the journey of a spirited group of teenage newspaper sellers who yearn for a life beyond the gritty streets they call home.

When the shady newspaper tycoon Joseph Pulitzer raises the price of his papers, Jack Kelly takes charge and leads his fellow newsies in a courageous protest, with the charming young reporter Katherine by his side. In a moving tale of justice, these fearless young newsies from all corners of the city band together and rise up against the exploitation of wealthy publishing barons. 

NEWSIES history 

NEWSIES took the theatre world by storm in 2012. Originally scheduled for only 100 performances, this powerhouse production exceeded all expectations and went on to play over 1,000 performances before touring and earning two Tony Awards, including Best Original Score. In this exciting new production at Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre, UK audiences can experience the electrifying energy of NEWSIES for the very first time. With innovative staging that thrusts viewers right into the heart of the action, audiences will be transported to the bustling streets of 19th-century New York City where newsies dance, sing, and even fly through the air! 

The creatives of NEWSIES 

Under the guidance of Olivier award-winning director and choreographer Matt Cole, NEWSIES boasts an exceptional creative team featuring set designer Morgan Large, musical director Nigel Lilley, costume designer Natalie Pryce, lighting designer Mark Henderson, sound designer Tony Gayle, and orchestrator Simon Hale.

NEWSIES tickets are available now! 

This Disney classic is filled with themes of social justice, perseverance and friendship. Stop the presses!

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