Q&A with Frozen’s Ben Irish and Isabella Glanznig Santos

Updated on 30 October 2023

Since debuting in 2021, Frozen the Musical has continued the legacy that Frozen began in 2014 when the sincere tale of two sisters warmed the hearts of people around the world. Frozen became one of the highest-grossing films of all time, grossing $1.280 billion, with ‘Let It Go’ becoming one of the best-selling songs of all time and the definitive song of 2014. The magic continues, only this time, it’s live on stage with Frozen the Musical at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, London. Witness the story of Elsa and Anna, two girls on either side of the door desperate to connect, but separated by secrecy. Here at London Theatre Direct, we have a wide variety of Black Friday theatre ticket exclusives coming, ahead of the big day - we caught up with Frozen’s Ben Irish and Isabella Glanznig Santos, here’s what they had to say during the Q&A!

Describe the show in three words.

Isabella: Oh Ben’s been thinking about this a lot! 

Ben: Yeah, it’s breathtaking. Breathtaking, extravagant and loveable.

Isabella: I would go with…everyone always says this but it is true - magical, eye-catching and beautiful. 

If you weren’t playing your current role, who else in the musical would you like to play? 

Isabella:  I want to be Oaken, I would just love to play Oaken because... so I’m half Austrian so I really feel a lot of that in the role and I just want to do his accent so badly!

Ben: I think I would love to be Olaf, the kids adore him so much and he’s so animated. As an actor keeping that puppet alive for the whole show is a challenge in itself and the way the whole cast does it and acts along with him is great. So I think it’d be Olaf for me. 

What’s your favourite autumnal/winter treat?

Ben: I’m going to say mulled wine. 

Isabella: I was going to say that! 

Ben: Probably shouldn’t have alcohol in it. Maybe yule log, chocolate yule log. 

Isabella: Eggnog? No…I’m just thinking, I’m going to have to say gluhwein because I’m not a sweet person! 

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By Kevin Thomas

From as early as I can recall, writing has always been my passion. Being able to combine this with my love for theatre has been a rewarding and exhilarating experience. I truly believe that there is magic in seeing a story brought to life on stage, and this is what I would like to promote to audiences.