REVIEW: School of Rock ". . . you won't be disappointed."

     I'm pretty sure this is a story we all know, as the musical is based on the hit film School of Rock. However, in case you weren't aware, it tells the story of Dewey, a man who holds onto his dreams of being a rock star while living with his friend who has moved on from those days. During which, he inspires a class of youngsters into becoming a rock band... 

     If you know the film, the stage version is much the same - except the obvious fact of containing even more music, and having that extra in your face punchiness that theatre gives you. As well as a few more focus points of certain themes and representations, which was exciting to see. 
     We ended up in side seats really close to the stage; therefore we couldn't really take in the set, which was a shame (but I guess is to be expected when you buy the cheaper tickets). However, for me, personally, it didn't take away my enjoyment of the show too much as I still caught 99% of the show itself and I felt close to the action, and I just love the layout of the New London Theatre. The costumes fitted the setting, and there are a few bedazzled outfits that definitely catch your eye! 
     The cast are outstanding. Whenever I see a show that features children, I am always in awe of their talents and this show is no exception. I loved the kids I got to see, and I'm sure their alternates are just as wonderful - I highly commend them for the energy and brilliance. David Fynn stays true to the character of Dewey, which I always imagined being difficult to see anyone but Jack Black as, but he adds his own energetic twist and humour and he could easily give Mr Black a run for his money. 
     As for the music, way back when I initially heard this was to be an Andrew Lloyd Webber production, I really wasn't sure how that would work as it felt rather different to his usual style but I have to say him and his team have created a great score. There are many songs or verses taken from the film, which is fun to have kept those iconic lines in - as well as plenty of additional songs that are just as catchy and rocking. I hadn't actually seen a show in this "genre" of musical yet, so it was refreshing in that respect. I left with a few songs stuck in my head, and that to me is always a good sign! 
     Overall, this has easily been one of my favourite new productions in 2016, and if not one of my favourites all-together. It's great for all the family, and I think it opens theatre up to fans of rock that may not normally see a musical! It's bursting with laughs, fun, romance, drama, high-energy and above all ROCK! Go and see this show, you won't be disappointed. ★★★★★

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