Shaftesbury Theatre Best seats and seating plan

Posted on 5 June 2024

Located in Shaftesbury Avenue, the Shaftesbury Theatre opened in 1911 as the New Prince’s Theatre but changed its name to Shaftesbury Theatre, a name first belonging to a theatre down the avenue, in 1963. Originally intended to be the home of popular melodramas, the theatre has been host to a wide range of productions over its lifetime including Shakespeare, farce, ballet, opera and musicals.

What are the best seats at the Shaftesbury Theatre?

The theatre's auditorium is set over three levels consisting of the Stalls, Royal Circle and Grand Circle. Sightlines from the majority of seats in the auditorium offer a near perfect view due to the theatres’ lack of pillars. The Stalls is a large, wide seating section divided by a central aisle, although due to the depth of the stalls there can sometimes be a feeling of disconnection from the stage at the rear of this section. The Stalls do have adequate legroom throughout however. The wide and steep Royal Circle on the first floor, divided into two sections separated by a central aisle, with its steep rake offers a clear view from every row. The Grand Circle sitting high above the Stalls on the upper floor of the theatre is split into three sections with the view from the first few rows providing good value for money. The Grand Circle does have a safety bar running along the front of this section which could impair the view of children or smaller adults.

Shaftesbury Theatre seating plan

How many seats are at the Shaftesbury Theatre?

Over the theatre's three floors the Shaftesbury Theatre auditorium has a capacity of 1,400 seats.

Are there accessible seats at the Shaftesbury Theatre?

Recent renovations to the theatre now allow for increased accessibility for visitors to the Shaftesbury Theatre. A newly installed lift now allows access to the 1911 Bar and seats in the Stalls for patrons with mobility issues. The Stalls level has step-free access, including access to toilet facilities, as well as eight locations for wheelchair users and their companions. There are a limited number of seats in the Royal Circle for those with mobility needs which can be booked directly with the venues Box Office. Patrons wishing to transfer from a wheelchair to an aisle seat in the stalls are able to do so and, if a small number of steps can be climbed, in the low numbered seats in the Royal Circle. 

What shows are on at the Shaftesbury Theatre?

Throughout its life the Shaftesbury Theatre has been the home to many productions from Shakespeare to Opera as well as presenting many musicals that premiered on Broadway from Funny Face in the 1920s to the more modern Hairspray. The theatre is currently showing the hit comedy musical Mrs Doubtfire.