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    So You're Not A Musical Theatre Fan... The Best Introductory Musicals!

    Not everyone shares the same passion for the theatre as us thespians do, but for those who really don't fancy watching a hardcore musical, there are plenty of shows on offer that can serve as 'introductory' musicals...

    One show that tends to be a firm favourite with anti-thespians is Stomp. This music phenomenon is about as far as it could possibly be from a musical whilst still classing as a musical show. The talent that these performers possess is incredible and the entire show is a spectacle that you can't help but be intrigued by. Prepare to be blown away by the creativity of the show and the marvellously crazy ideas they have to make music.

    Another show that is very well received by the vast majority of people is Disney's The Lion King. This show is spellbinding and suitable for people of all ages. A true anti-thespian that I know very well told me that this was one show he really enjoyed. 'Once you get over the fact that they're all wearing masks, you really begin to appreciate it.' He added. This show is one that a lot of people know about due to the award winning film, so why not give it a shot?!

    Another great show that is most certainly my no.1 is The Book Of Mormon. This show, by the incredibly talented Matt Stone, Trey Parker and Robert Lopez, is the best comedy musical I have ever seen! This musical is perfect for both thespians and none thespians, as the lyrics and liberetto are beyond funny. You can't help but laugh from start to finish and once it's over, you want it to begin all over again! The content is not really suitable for very young audience members, but for those looking for a really good laugh, this is one for you! It is currently living in the Prince Of Wales Theatre and if I were you, I'd book my tickets right away.

    Now to the other side of the spectrum, say you're a huge musical fan but it's your first trip to the West End, what do you see first? Well, if you're a hardcore fan, Les Miserables or Wicked are great ones to go and see. The casts are immense in both of these shows and the music is spine tingling. Another show I absolutely fell in love with was Billy Elliot. The story is one that really makes you connect with the performers and the songs bring out emotions that you didn't realise you had. Billy Elliot is definitely one of my favourites!

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