Tickets for Good starring David Tennant are on sale now!

Posted on 19 October 2020

The highly-anticipated revival of the Good the play by Cecil Phillip Taylor is coming to the West End’s Harold Pinter Theatre from the new starting date of 21 April 2021. Multi-award-winning actor David Tennant will star in the new production and you can book your Good tickets now. Tickets for Good at the Harold Pinter Theatre are expected to sell quickly so be sure to snap yours up whilst availability lasts!

C P Taylor’s Good tickets are booking now!

British Playwright C P Taylor’s Good premiered at London’s Donmar Warehouse in 1981 and has had a number of productions since. In 2008, the play was adapted for the big screen and starred Viggo MortensenJason Isaacs, and Jodie Whittaker. It is regarded as one of the most definitive English-written theatre pieces on the Holocaust.

What is the play Good about?

Good is a moving play set in 1930s Germany and explores what makes a man good. The play follows John Halder, a professor who attempts to rationalise the violence and anti-Semitism of the Nazis. Sometimes what may seem like good intentions at first may appear to be easily seen as pure evil.

David Tennant will star in the revival of Good

David Tennant will play the role of John Halder in the new production of Good at London’s Harold Pinter Theatre. Tennant is a well-renowned actor and is popularly known for his roles as the tenth Doctor in BBCs Doctor Who and Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Tennant previously portrayed the title character in ITVs Des.

Book your Harold Pinter Theatre Good tickets now!

Tickets for Good at the West End’s Harold Pinter Theatre starring David Tennant are on sale now. The new production will begin on 21 April 2021 for a 12-week run.

By Jade Ali

A love for theatre stemmed from my love of literature and music, but the West End on my doorstep opened up a whole new appreciation and passion for all things stage-y