Top 10 musicals to see this Black Friday

Posted on 27 November 2023

Swap the busy streets and the bustling crowds for red seats and soaring songs. This Black Friday, there’s no better way to bag a deal than when you book theatre tickets to your favourite West End show with London Theatre Direct. We’ve got fantastic offers on over 40 shows starting from just £15, and that includes all of the best musicals too. So, here's a curated list of the top 10 musicals to make your Black Friday truly spectacular. Don’t worry, you’ll be singing along in no time!

1. Jersey Boys 

The Tony and Grammy award-winning musical Jersey Boys tells the story of The Four Seasons, a rock 'n' roll band from the 1960s. Set in New Jersey, the story follows the highs and lows of Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Tommy DeVito, and Nick Massi, as they climb the ladder of fame. Each band member spills their side of the story across four seasons, set to the beat of explosive hits like Sherry and Can't Take My Eyes Off You. Take a trip back to the golden '60s with Jersey Boys!

This Black Friday, you won’t be beggin’ for deals when you can save up to 45% on Jersey Boys tickets!

2. Les Misérables 

Jean Valijean is a man seeking retribution for his past, and Javert is a cop who just won’t quit. Les Misérables is the beloved musical that takes you back to post-revolutionary France and tells the heart-wrenching stories of different people caught up in the mess of the times. In this tale of love and sacrifice, follow Jean as he searches for justice in a world turned upside down. As you listen to classics like I Dreamed a Dream and Do You Hear the People Sing?, will you join the revolution? 

This Black Friday, save up to £37 on Les Misérables tickets!

3. The King and I 

Anna Leonowens is a British schoolteacher who arrives in Siam with her young son, Louis, to educate the many children of King Mongkut. As Anna navigates the complexities of the Siamese court, she becomes caught in a clash of cultural differences and a sense of mutual fascination. Initially, King Mongkut, a proud and traditional ruler, is resistant to Anna's progressive ideas and Western customs. However, as they spend more time together, a deep bond forms between them. 

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4. Elf The Musical 

Elf The Musical is a heartwarming and whimsical stage adaptation of the beloved holiday film, Elf. The story revolves around Buddy, a human raised by elves at the North Pole who eventually discovers his true identity, and is that of a not-so-great toy-maker, and a suspiciously large elf. Knowing that he is human and will never truly belong at The North Pole (but filled with Christmas spirit), Buddy sets out to discover his biological father in New York City, which leads him on a journey to find his place in the human world and bring about holiday magic to the people of New York. 

This Black Friday, spread Christmas joy and cheer when you save up to 43% on Elf tickets!

5. Matilda The Musical

With music and lyrics by Tim Minchin, Matilda The Musical brings to life the brilliantly twisted tale of a bright little girl named Matilda Wormwood. Extraordinarily intelligent and resilient, poor Matilda is born to neglectful and abusive parents, but she won’t give in to the demands of nasty adults that easily.

Despite not fitting in at home, Matilda discovers a deep passion for reading at an early age. Her journey takes a magical turn when she discovers that not only is she a child genius, but she is also a child genius with telekinetic abilities, and once Matilda befriends her kind and supportive teacher, Miss Honey, and the children of Cruncehm Hall - together they embark on a mission to bring down the tyrannical headmistress Miss Trunchbull.

Go on! Be a little bit naughty! 


Sophie is about to have the dream wedding of her life, but her biggest dream is to have her father walk her down the aisle. The only problem is, she doesn't know who her father is. After discovering her mother's old diary, Sophie learns that there are three potential candidates: Sam Carmichael, Bill Austin, and Harry Bright. Without her mother's knowledge, Sophie invites all three men to the island, now the question remains - which man is her father?

MAMMA MIA! seamlessly incorporates ABBA's timeless hits into a tropical island party, including Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Take a Chance on Me, and, of course, Mamma Mia.

The sunny Greek islands await! 

7. Back To The Future

Marty McFly is a rock n’ roll teenager who accidentally travels back in time from 1985 to 1955 using a DeLorean time machine invented by his eccentric friend, Doc Brown. In the past, Marty encounters a younger version of his parents and inadvertently interferes with the events that led to their romance. To set things right, Marty must ensure that his parents fall in love and find a way back to the future, or else he won’t exist in the present. 

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8. Sister Act

An epic feel-good musical that combines heavenly harmonies with hilarious hijinks. Sister Act follows the adventures of Deloris Van Cartier, a spirited and sassy lounge singer in 1970s Philadelphia. When Deloris witnesses a crime committed by her gangster boyfriend, she is sent into hiding to the most unexpected of places: a convent.

Now going incognito as Sister Mary Clarence, Deloris finds herself living with a group of nuns with varying degrees of musical talent. Faced with the challenge of turning the convent's choir into a musical sensation, Deloris introduces the nuns to a world of rhythm and soul. 

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9. Guys and Dolls

Inspired by Damon Runyon's stories, Guys and Dolls is a timeless musical set in the streets of New York City. At the heart of the story are two couples: Sky Masterson, a smooth and charming gambler, Sarah Brown, a dedicated yet idealistic missionary; Nathan Detroit, a perpetual gambler, and Miss Adelaide, a nightclub performer seeking a stable relationship. 

When Nathan challenges Sky to woo Sarah into a date in Havana, the bet leads to a series of comedic and romantic complications. Amidst high-stakes craps games and toe-tapping musical numbers like Luck Be a Lady and You're Rockin' the Boat, follow the characters of Guys and Dolls as they gamble for a winning ticket in the game of love.

Now that’s a win! This Black Friday, save up to £60 on Guys and Dolls tickets!

10. TINA: The Tina Turner Musical 

TINA: The Tina Turner Musical is this incredible journey into the life of the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll. Take a front-row seat to Tina Turner's rollercoaster from her early days to global stardom. The musical explores her highs and lows, with all of the golden classics like “What's Love Got to Do With It" and "Proud Mary". 

This Black Friday, you’ll be rollin’ on a river when you save up to 32% on TINA: The Tina Turner Musical tickets! 

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