Top 5 Eugenius! Songs

Posted on 16 August 2018

As Eugenius! prepares to ‘strike twice’ next month with its new London run, it’s high time for you to acquaint yourself with this super-ultra-mega ‘comic book kind of soundtrack!’ With such a wide range of songs that take inspiration from nearly every genre you could ever imagine, it was tough to whittle down our list to just five. But here you have it! See below for our picks for the Top 5 Eugenius! songs.

Pictured: Some pizzazz and 'a little kiss ass'

5. A Little Kiss Ass
Put your dancing shoes on and make sure you’re wearing your geeky high waters because this number will draw you in like a moth to a flame! This showstopper features a retro swing beat that will have you snapping and tapping along. Featuring deep, seductive vocals, “A Little Kiss Ass” is so smooth and suave you’ll be oh-so in love! Think ‘Hey! Pachuco!’ from 1995’s The Mask (Jim Carey and Cameron Diaz) and you’ll know exactly what you’re in for!

Key Lyrics: “If you’re looking for fame / Then there’s only one name / You need / Lex / And a little kiss ass! / If you got an idea / But you’re no one, oh dear! / You need / Lex / And a little kiss ass

4. No Pants Dance
It’s the sound of hot sax!” Saxophone, that is! This number starts with a lot of comedic chitter chatter, but there’s certainly no failure to launch when the saxophone solo kicks in! Think TLC’s “Creep” and 90’s vibes. You’ll be wishing for an encore!

Key Lyrics: “Tonight we could be holdin’ hands / Doin’ the no-pants dance! / And that sure sounds good to me

3. She’s Amazing
This little ditty will take you way back to 1980s glam rock. Prepare to be amazed by the rock’n’roll riff reminiscent of a-ha’s “Take On Me” and a melody reminiscent of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac.” At just 2 minutes and 19 seconds long, you’ll want to hit the replay button as soon as it’s over.

Key Lyrics: “One day she took a chance / She went down to the disco and / She shook her hips and she waved her hands / So that everyone could see / She’s amazing!

2. The Future Is Bright
This song is an absolute powerhouse. With 90’s pop ballad vibes, belting high notes and choral background vocals, this song will blow you away from start to finish!

Key Lyrics: “I want to follow my heart but he wants to follow his dreams. If I love him then I should just let him go, as hard as that seems.

1. Comic Book Kind of Love
This duet between Eugene and Janey certainly lives up to its name. After Eugene confesses how Marvel and Batman never taught what love is, he and Janey opt to ‘team up,’ bringing a whole new meaning to ‘partner in crime.’ The duo are backed by a chorus in the final segment that will make you want to put your lighters up like in a real concert.

Key Lyrics: “I want that comic book kind of love / You’re my supergirl / You’re my wonderman / Let’s go kick some butt!

Everyone’s got a geeky side. Some play video games. Some like watching old black-and-white films. For Eugene, Janey and Feris, comic book heroes are what they nerd for. Witness this trio of friends as they find the superheroes inside themselves and band together to stop the evil Lord Hector.

Eugenius! opens on 1 September 2018 at The Other Palace and is booking until 21 October 2018.

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