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Eyes Closed, Ears Covered Tickets

Bunker TheatreLondon
"Let's try to imagine the day as one big jigsaw puzzle, start from the beginning, what brought you to Brighton today?"

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The World Premiere of Eyes Closed, Ears Covered is opening in The Bunker Theatre this September!

Eyes Closed, Ears Covered is a gripping new thriller coming to the Bunker Theatre, the story follows the journey of two teenage boys as they head from Woking to Brighton with a daring plan to relive a special day from their past. 

Seb, a lonely boy who lives in his own world, is bullied at school and longing for friendship.  When he is taken under the wing of Aaron, an explosive and unpredictable teenager with no fear, they set off on an adventure that unravels the secrets from Seb’s dark past and the truth about his mother.

Eyes Closed, Ears Covered explores how trauma and overwhelming experiences can directly affect vulnerable young minds with shattering consequences.

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