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18 September - 12 October 2019

Glass. Kill. Bluebeard. Imp. Customer Reviews

5 / 5 (1 customer reviews)

Mrs KL Shirley

29 September 19

Four stunning short plays. Incredibly inventive, stylish and thought-provoking, with amazing juggling and acrobatics as 'spacers'. My only problem was hearing some of the performers - I was sitting in the balcony. However, nowadays I don't expect to hear all the actors in a play, so I bought a copy in French's before going in, read the first three pieces before it started, and the fourth in the interval. That way at least I knew what was said, even if I couldn't make it all out in the performance. Deborah Findlay,Toby Jones and Rebekah Murrell were always clearly audible.

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