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King Hamlin Tickets

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Park TheatreLondon
This heart-wrenching tale comes to London's Park Theatre for a limited run!

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Tickets for the brand-new play King Hamlin are now on sale!

Naiad Productions & Freedom Tongues in association with Park Theatre are proud to present the premier of King Hamlin. Tickets are available to book now!

Building a better life: the story of King Hamlin

Hamlin, Quinn, and Nic are a group of friends striving for success within the city of London. After the tragic death of his father, Hamlin aims to finish school and find his dream job so that he can better his family's quality of life. However, as things begin to change,  temptations arise.

Enter the dangerously impulsive Quinn and the troubled Nic, who offer Hamlin his dreams in the form of a quick escape. Plenty of easy money in return for county line drug trafficking suddenly becomes his possible future, and all of those innocent hopes and aspirations feel a million miles away. Which path will Hamlin choose? 

King Hamlin tickets are available to purchase now!

Witness a grueling take on unemployment, moral injustice, gang culture, and life-altering decisions. Tickets for King Hamlin are now on sale!