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Linck & Mülhahn Tickets

Hampstead TheatreLondon
Based on true court records, the love story Linck & Mülhahn comes to Hampstead Theatre!

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Tickets for Linck & Mülhahn are available now 

Ruby ThomasLinck & Mülhahn is a love story lost in time, one which shows that different forms of love have always existed. This true-to-life tale recounts verified 18th-century court records that document an epic adventure between two lovers living outside the boundaries of society. Book tickets for Linck & Mülhahn at Hampstead Theatre today to witness this true love story!

Linck & Mülhahn synopsis 

The year is 1720 in Prussia. Anastasius Linck, a dapper musketeer and ladies' man, has no intention of falling in love, but when he meets Catharina Mülhahn, a young and passionate woman, a tender love blossoms between them. The pair hopes to create the most innovative marriage of its day, however, as Catharina's mother develops a growing interest in her enigmatic son-in-law, she proceeds to uncover a secret that, if revealed, may destroy all that they have come to know.

The cast and creatives of Linck & Mülhahn

Linck & Mülhahn follows Ruby Thomas’ two sell-out successes for Hampstead Downstairs, The Animal Kingdom and Either.

Owen Horsley directs at Hampstead for the first time; his credits for the RSC include the recent double bill of Rebellion and Wars of the Roses and Maydays and Salomé.

Maggie Bain (Man to Man, Henry V) plays the role of Anastasius Linck with Helena Wilson (Jack Absolute Flies Again, The Lady from the Sea, Donmar) playing the role of Catharina Mülhahn and Lucy Black (The Durrells, ITV; The Haystack) playing Mother. They will be joined by Daniel Abbott, David Carr, Marty Cruickshank, Kammy Darweish, Qasim Mahmood, Leigh Quinn and Timothy Speyer.

Linck & Mülhahn tickets are available now!

Step back in time to the 18th century in Linck & Mülhahn, book your tickets for Linck & Mülhahn today!