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Alexandra Palace Theatre, London4.533 reviews
Richard III tickets are now available for the Headlong production at Alexandra Palace!

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The Hunchback King comes to Alexandra Palace. Richard III tickets are now available!

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is determined that he should wear the crown of England. He has already despatched one king and that king’s son; now all that stand in his way are two credulous brothers and two helpless nephews – the Princes in the Tower. And woe betide those – the women he wrongs, the henchmen he betrays – who dare to raise a voice against him.

Monstrous, but theatrically electric, Richard III is Shakespeare’s most charismatic, self-delighting villain, revelling at every moment in his homicidal, hypocritical journey to absolute power.


Tickets for Richard III are booking now at Alexandra Palace. Book Richard III tickets today to ensure the best seats at the best prices! 

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To be confirmed.

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Performance dates

13 March - 31 March 2019

Venue Information

Alexandra Palace TheatreAlexandra Palace Way, London, London, N22 7AY

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Customer Reviews

33 reviews4.5

Jane Hessami1st April

A fantastic performance in a fabulous venue. Acting and production was first rate and the overall setting in the new Alexandra palace theatre was really superb.

padmini sheth31st March

Excellent production however the ushers at the venue were not helpful nor friendly and frankly they did not care if you came to see the show or not

Nicole Dunaway31st March

Brilliant play in a wonderful setting. It was lovely to see the theatre so beautifully restored. Tom Mothersdale's performance as Richard III was simply spectacular. More ladies toilets would have been need when doing the refurbishing - can women not be involved in the planning of public bathroom spaces?

Will Scott31st March

Excellent production from start to finish

Margaret Fisher30th March

Good production, enjoyed the venue too. Great set and performances - the only criticism - the smoke effect was over used. Well worth seeing.

Kamal Hassan Amoori 29th March

Unfortunately, I missed this because of its location, my jetlag, and the fact that I had an evening show to attend as well. For all this, I wasn't able to go see Richard III

Diana Matsuzaki29th March

Coming from abroad, my first intention was to watch a Shakespeare piece. But it ended up as my best theatre experience of my life! It was a complex masterpiece, the directing, the acting, the scenery - the sheer simplicity made it possible to concentrate to the text and the story, so the visual part did not kill the centuries-old lines. The actors were brilliant too! This is a performance I could travel for once again!

Deborah Jackson528th March

Not that happy especially as it appeared that there were fully booked at time of booking however loads of availability on the night. Also tickets for the production showing for £9 today

Patricia Pearl28th March

Barnstorming performance by Tom Mothersdale : brilliant venue.

Susan Keech26th March

This was my first experience of Shakespeare and loved the play and the venue. Will definitely be going to see another Shakespeare play.

Laura O'Gorman24th March

enjoyable . Excellent staging.Some powerful acting.

Susan Robertson24th March