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Sons of the Prophet Tickets

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Hampstead TheatreLondon
Watch the family drama and chaos unravel in Sons of the Prophet at The Hampstead Theatre!

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As everyone knows, when it comes to family, there’s always some sort of drama. However, the Douaihy family are in a different league. Their ‘thing’ is that they have a peculiar habit of dying tragically. They’re akin to the Kennedys, only without the sex appeal! Tony Award-winning Stephen Karam makes his highly-anticipated return to Hampstead Theatre following his multi-award-winning box office hit The Humans to take Sons of the Prophet to the stage. Witness this brilliant new comedy-drama - book tickets for Sons of the Prophet today!

About Sons of the Prophet 

Joseph Douaihy leads a not-so-ordinary life. If being a gay American Maronite Christian in rural Pennsylvania wasn’t complex enough, when Joseph’s father unexpectedly dies due to a prank gone wrong, life goes beyond his control. His athletics career is stalled due to an unexpected injury, his boss wants to capitalize on his grief and his uncle is convinced that he is his legal guardian. To top it off, he must make sense of his erratic younger brother. Whilst he can barely see straight in his own life, things only become more difficult when he catches eyes with an attractive journalist who’s looking to make a story of his father’s accident…

The cast of Sons of the Prophet 

Sons of the Prophet is led by Irfan Shamji who plays the title role. He has previously played Laertes in Hamlet and has played roles in Chasing Hares, Hamlet and Metamorphoses. His television credits include Murder on the Orient Express. He will be joined by Jack Holden as Timothy (Cruise, War Horse), and Juliet Cowan as Gloria (Stuck, Everything I Know About Love, Fresh Meat). 

The cast will be complete by Raphael Akuwudike (First Touch, The Jumper Factory), Holly Atkins (The Book of Dust, Romeo and Juliet), Raad Rawi (Measure for Measure), Eric Sirakian (The Kite Runner) and Sue Wallace.

The creatives of Sons of The Prophet

Following his multi-award-winning, box-office smash-hit The Humans, Tony Award-winning Stephen Karam makes his highly anticipated return to Hampstead as the Writer of Sons of the Prophet. Sons of the Prophet is directed by Bijan Sheibani, with design by Samal Blak, lighting design by Jack Knowles, sound design by Giles Thomas and movement by Aline David.

Tickets for Sons of the Prophet are available now

Don’t miss out on this hilarious tale of tragedy, love and compassion - book tickets for Sons of the Prophet today!