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Taiwan Festival: Riverbed Theatre - taking it down and putting it up Tickets

The Coronet TheatreLondon
A poetic look at the art of construction and deconstruction
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Taking it Down and Putting it Up London Tickets

As part of The Coronet Theatre’s Taiwan Festival, Riverbed Theatre presents a poetic meditation on the work of Marcel Duchamp. Fittingly for a piece emphasising the importance of endings and careful deconstruction, Taking it Down and Putting it Up will be playing for two nights only. Don’t miss your chance to see this beautiful, award-winning show. Book your tickets today.

What is Taking it Down and Putting it Up about?

Marcel Duchamp secretly spent twenty years assembling a room-size installation in his New York studio. When John Cage, a musical pioneer, friend, and frequent collaborator of Duchamp saw the surreal installation, he was more intrigued with the book-length instruction manual that accompanied it. Detailing the proper way to dismantle and reassemble the piece, the manual was intended to serve a purely functional and pragmatic role. However, Cage was inspired. He invited Duchamp to focus on the sounds produced by the workers who followed his booklet, considering the manual as a musical score, rather than a set of rules.

Although we do not follow an instruction manual, our lives are also filled with the inevitable process of taking things down and putting them back up (relationships, dreams, New Years resolutions…). We’re so familiar with the monotony of beginnings and endings that we lose sight of the moment in between, a moment that could be filled with music.

Facts and critical acclaim

  • Taking it Down and Putting it Up won Best Immersive Experience award of Luxembourg City Film Festival, the VR360 Award of Kaoshiung Film Festival, and was included in the official selection of the prestigious Tribeca Festival
  • The sculptural quality of Riverbed’s “subconscious” theatre has been likened to Samuel Beckett and David Lynch.
  • Director Craig Quintero has written and directed over fifty original image-based performances, including productions in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, France, Germany, and the United States.

Taking it Down and Putting it Up London cast

  • Tien Hsiao-tzu
  • Zhang Jia-zhi
  • Amber You
  • Ollie Huang

Taking it Down and Putting it Up London creatives

  • Director - Craig Quintero
  • Composer – Yujun Wang
  • Scenic Design - Carl Johnson
  • Lighting Designer - Wang Tianhong
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