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The Burnt City Tickets

Travel to Downtown Troy in this immersive Greek Tragedy. The fate is yours to decide.

Tickets for The Burnt City are available now! 

The award-winning masters of immersivity Punchdrunk present The Burnt City, a new genre-defying experience inspired by the events surrounding the fall of Troy after the Trojan War. This sensory feast submerges you into a world of Greek Tradgedy that is yours to bend at will. Book tickets for Punchdrunk’s The Burnt City today to see what emerges from the shadows!

About The Burnt City 

A legendary realm of gods and humans rises from the ashes of Troy's demise. The bright backstreets of Downtown Troy give way to a vast labyrinth that harbours mysteries that even the prophets could not predict, as Greece teeters on the verge of victory. The furies watch as mortals play out their fate in this enormous playground and as the city comes to life when night falls for one last time.

Every journey to the metropolis of The Burnt City is different and full of unexpected encounters. Be bold. Observe your gut feeling. Explore any odd places you come across, and if somebody captures your attention … follow them.

This immersive experience is not like any other, you'll want to learn more before you attend!

About Punchdrunk 

For audiences all across the world, Punchdrunk creates genre-defying experiences. Their work spans from projects that leverage new technology to massive site-specific performances, fusing classic texts, contemporary dance, physical performance, and award-winning architectural installations.

The Burnt City tickets are available now

Whether you navigate the haunted palace of Greece or the neon lights of downtown Troy. There are stories deep within the city to seek out, or you may simply choose to experience the atmosphere. Whatever you decide, don’t miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime experience that is The Burnt City! Book your tickets for Punchdrunk’s The Burnt City today!