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The Frogs Tickets

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Kiln Theatre London
Classic literature meets modern comedic genius in The Frogs!
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The Frogs London Tickets

Spymonkey’s tragically funny attempt to pull off a classic Greek comedy.

From the UK’s leading physical comedy ensemble Spymonkey comes a delirious trip through Greek theatre, a monster-filled Underworld and classic vaudeville double acts. Book your tickets now for The Frogs in London!

About The Show

Toby Park and Aitor Basauri are at the end of the road. The other Spymonkeys have taken themselves off to a better place, and they’re about to call it a day. But when a mega-rich philanthropist and her theatrically inclined niece make them an offer they can’t refuse, this comedy duo are given one last chance. Do they have what it takes to perform the classic Greek comedy The Frogs? With golden-age glamour, modern-day angst and a jumping chorus of tap-dancing frogs, this is Aristophanes performed like you’ve never seen it before.

Why It's Worth The Watch

The Frogs blends the timeless wit of Aristophanes with the physical comedy Spymonkey is renowned for, resulting in a show where classical literature meets modern comedic genius.

The genius of Toby Park and Aitor Basauri shines through in their ability to transform a classic into something utterly original and hilariously entertaining. Their on-stage chemistry, honed through years of collaboration, provides a foundation for comedy that's both intelligent and slapstick, with the added delight of tap-dancing frogs!

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