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The Moderate Soprano Tickets

Duke of Yorks Theatre, London4.452 reviews
David Hare’s The Moderate Soprano, first seen at the Hampstead Theatre, transfers to the West End.

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Roger Allam and Nancy Carroll reprise their roles in the West End transfer of The Moderate Soprano at the Duke of York's Theatre. 

The two great passions in John Christie’s life were opera and a beautiful young soprano, Audrey Mildmay, with whom he was completely smitten. Together with his formidable drive, they fuelled what many first saw as a monumental folly in the South Downs. Glyndebourne was triumphantly born amidst stiff Manhattans, rolling lawns and the sound of sheep from across the ha-ha. It was to become revered the world over. 

Such was the scale of the enterprise that love alone was not enough. When a famous violinist was fogged in overnight in Eastbourne, Christie first heard of a group of refugees for whom life in Nazi Germany had become impossible. Perhaps they could help deliver Christie’s vision of the sublime – assuming, of course, they would be willing to cast Audrey as the leading light. 

David Hare’s new play, first seen at Hampstead Theatre, is the story of an intense love affair and the unrelenting search for artistic excellence in the face of searing scrutiny, sacrifice and the impending Second World War.

The Moderate Soprano tickets are available now. The transfer from Hampstead Theatre has a limited 12 week run at London's Duke of York's Theatre!


Additional Information

Age restriction

Children under 4 will not be admitted

Running time

2hr 15 min (inc. interval)

Performance dates

5 April 2018 - 30 June 2018

Venue Information

Duke of Yorks TheatreSt Martin's Lane, London, WC2N 4BG

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Customer Reviews

52 reviews4.4

Kathleen Ashley15th July

As I was an American visitor to London, this wasn't a play I knew about -- but I was looking for a matinee and "Moderate Soprano" looked interesting. I'm so glad I saw it!! It was a theatre experience for adults who have enough historical memory so that the references to the dark 1930's could reverberate. The script was excellent and the acting was superb. It provoked laughter at the British stereotypes, but the actors were equally adept at evoking pathos. The theatre itself is charmingly old-fashioned, and I took advantage of the ice cream sold at intermission!!

PJLMD1st July

Over-acted, under-written, cliche-infested. Dull. Kept awaiting the play to start. Recommend- don’t bother. But then, last night was its close.

David Emms29th June

I enjoyed the play. I did not know what to expect, that is to say I did not know if if it was a pure drama or something else. It is a drama with some extremely funny passages. It is also a drama beased on fact. I went because I admire the play's two leading actors. They did not disappoint. This is the first play I have seen since January '17, when I went to the theatre in Stratford upon Avon. I stopped atteneding theatre because the audiences were poorly behaved. Yesterday's audience beved well. I shall be back!

Nicholas Worsley28th June

WE hugely enjoyed both parts of this Hare play and having lived near Glynde was only part of the reason.

Hugh Dibley 26th June

Fascinating subject, well produced and acted.

Carole Morris26th June

Acting great - set design very very good - script beautifully written and very funny - direction excellent - a very good evening at the theatre.

Arthur Lewis-Grey26th June

Really good evening. Terrific acting. Loved it.

Marian Rye26th June

I very much enjoyed the production and the performance. It felt like been transported back in time / looking in a window on a bygone era. All the actors were amazing - and Roger Allam in particular stood out -bringing to life an endearing english eccentric. We were also very happy to be upgraded to better seats on the night - much appreciated.

Eugene Bacot24th June

A gem of a play; beautifully acted and set. Remarkable performances by Roger Allam and Nancy Carroll.

Kate Short23rd June

Disappointing. Nothing of the lightness and brightness and technicolour of Glyndbourne the place or Glyndbourne the opera house. Dark and dull set, very static direction and the first half just seemed to only be the five main characters explaining the plot to one another. I expected more from David Hare. Roger Allam is superb and has to carry the whole show.

Daphne23rd June

This play was a bit slow and wordy to start, but the characters and situation needed fully setting up, and once the ensemble were interacting it really took off. The acting was amazing and the subject-matter was explored dramatically and with moments of really moving emotion. Really serious issues about art and life were made clear through the interactions of the characters. The set and set-changes were perfect.

Anne McIntyre23rd June

Very good and most interesting and enjoyable acting good but didn’t always gel