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Stephen Rolley

Stephen Rolley is a distinguished singer and actor from London. Dreamboats and Petticoats, Dreamboats and Miniskirts, Rock of Ages and 20th-century boy are some of his renowned musical productions. Presently, he is the leading protagonist in the play ‘The Book of Mormon’ staged at the prestigious The Prince of Wales Theatre. 



As a Performing Arts Diploma holder (2009-2012) from Italia Conti, Stephen Rolley has amassed huge popularity solely because of his sheer talent that is reflected in several of his musical productions, theatre, and TV shows. 


He started his career as a singer in a TV show, Come Dine With Me. His career got a boost after his stage performance in Jack and the Beanstalk. A series of musical productions followed this event that helped him unlock the gates of success. In 2012, his musical productions, Hair, After the Turn, and 20th Century Boy, gave him a special place in the minds of viewers. The most famous of all, Dreamboats and Petticoats UK Tour, came after that. Rock of Ages, Dreamboats and Miniskirts UK Tour and The Book of Mormon further showcased his vast range and potential. 


When it comes to music and dance, he is proficient in A Cappella, Ballet, Jazz Dancing and Tenor. Besides his passion for musical theatre, he is also a sports enthusiast and highly skilled in cricket, football, gymnastics, surfing, tennis, and trampoline.