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Jonathan Pie : Heroes and Villains Tickets

Duke of Yorks TheatreLondon
Jonathon Pie gives his humorous perspective on the UK's heroes and villains.

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Jonathon Pie: Heroes and Villains Tickets

Following his hugely successful radio series, and social media success, fictional character, Jonathan Pie, portrayed by comedian Tom Walker, returns to the stage. Book tickets for Jonathon Pie: Heroes and Villains Tickets at the Duke of York Theatre today.

About Jonathon Pie: Heroes and Villains

Jonathan Pie, renowned for his witty take on international political issues, is back with his latest show. In this new production, he focuses on identifying the true heroes and villains in society. He celebrates the UK's greatest heroes, including nurses, Gary Lineker, and 24-hour off-license proprietors, while criticizing the villains, the Tories and cyclists...

Marvel in wonder as he kicks in The Establishment’s back doors and rifles through its kitchen cupboards.

Fun Facts and Critical Acclaim

• Tom Walker the actor behind Jonathan Pie. He created the radio series Call Jonathan Pie, which was nominated for Best Sitcom/Comedy in the 2024 Audio Drama Awards • His videos as a frustrated news reporter have helped him amass a following of 1.7 million on Facebook.

Please bear in mind

This production is recommended for ages 16+.