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Cirque du Soleil: Kurios Tickets

Royal Albert HallLondon
Cirque du Soleil returns to the Royal Albert Hall with Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities!

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Tickets for Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities are available now!

Canadian entertainment company Cirque Du Soleil is bringing its production Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities to the iconic Royal Albert Hall London to celebrate the venue's 150 years of entertainment. Discover a world of wonder in this steampunk adventure that defies the laws of time and space itself. 

The story of Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities

What if beyond our minds there exists a limitless universe?

Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities takes inspiration from the Victorian era and the 19th-century industrial revolution. It follows the story of a 19th-century inventor (known as the seeker) who invents a mechanical cabinet of curiosities that transcends the laws of time and the physical world. Suddenly, anything seems possible.

The gifted and eccentric characters from different dimensions begin to step into his makeshift world and turn it upside down. It is a poetic and humorous story of opening the mind to curiosity, and the brilliance that follows when we trust in our imagination.

The iconic characters of Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities

Cirque is known for its wide array of incredibly eccentric characters. The characters of Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities include The Seeker (The master of the house with the craziest ideas and a child-like imagination), Mr. Microsmos (a serious authority figure who is the embodiment of technological progress), Mini Lili (a little lady who represents Mr. Microsmos’s unconscious mind), Nico the Accordion Man (The shy, sensitive yet perfect handyman), Klara the Telegraph of the Invisible (A hoop-skirted receiver of alpha waves), The KuriosWinch and Plunger (These imperfect, dysfunctional creatures act as assistants to The Seeker) and The Curiosistanians (the inhabitants of an imaginary country called Curiosistan who come The Seeker’s world to ignite his wildest imaginations).

About Cirque Du Soleil 

Cirque Du Soleil are masters of circus arts and street entertainment. The largest modern circus producer in the world, its shows fuses daring stunts, dazzling props, epic productions and in-depth storytelling. 

Although not formed officially until 1984, the world first got a taste of Cirque Du Soleil when professional firebreather Guy Laibert organised a summer fair in 1979, which saw fellow producer Giles Ste-Croix walking over 56 miles on stilts. As public interest grew over the years, Lalibert, Ste-Croix and fellow organiser Daniel Gauthier were given a financial grant. 

Their first show Le Grand Tour du Cirque du Soleil premiered on 16 June 1984, a show based on Jacques Cartier's discovery of Canada. Since then, Cirque Du Soleil has grown from one local production to bringing shows to more than 180 million people, in more than 450 cities across six continents. 

Cirque du Soleil London

For over twenty years, Cirque du Soleil has hosted lavish performances at the iconic Royal Albert Hall Lonon. The grand, vast interior of The Royal Albert Hall makes it the perfect venue for Cirque du Soleils’ productions. No celebration of the Royal Albert Hall would be complete without a Cirque du Soleil production, and the 150 year celebration of the venue will feature Kurios.

The staging for Kurios contains two large pillars that are referenced as cabinets. Structures are crafted from recycled junkyard parts and are fused together with pipes and tubes to create a steampunk effect. There is also a gigantic steampunk-inspired mechanical hand. 

Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities tickets are available to buy now!

To see the acrobatic wonders of one of Cirque du Soleil's most exciting productions in all of its mechanical, futuristic and steampunk glory, book your tickets today!