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Galactik Ensemble -Optraken Tickets

Peacock TheatreLondon
French Circus Galactik Ensemble bring Optraken to LIMF at London's Peacock Theatre

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Tickets for Galactik Ensemble – Optraken on sale 14 October!

Galactik Ensemble – Optraken to have UK premiere at London’s Peacock Theatre

The French contemporary circus will be coming to London this year as part of the festival to showcase the best in visual theatres, such has been done via the London International Mime Festival since 1977. This infamous circus are about to turn up the heat with their daring acrobats, making tickets for Galactik Ensemble’s Optracken the hottest in London. You won’t want to miss out when this circus comes to town, so be sure to book now for their extremely limited 3-day run at the Peacock Theatre! Optraken will begin performances from 29 January 2020 and must finish on 1 February 2020!

Who are Galactik Ensemble?

Galactik Ensemble is a French contemporary circus who are made up of graduates from the famous circus school Rosny sous Bois. The company is made up of five daredevil acrobats who are prepared to push the boundaries in order to survive a set that seems to be designed to hurt them. The dazzling spectacular will have you gripping your seat in awe as firecrackers explode, sandbags seemingly fall from nowhere and walls are ever-shifting. At the Galactik Ensemble’s circus, you will never know what is about to come next as nothing stays still for long!

More about the Optraken show

Optraken is taken from the Norwegian word opträker which means a rapid movement as the leg retracts in order to allow the body to jump in a controlled manner, allowing the person to avoid an involuntary lift off at the passage of a precipice. The circus company are therefore confronting the unknown and otherwise uncontrollable events in a manner that is controlled, organised and calm. This show will see these acrobats test their resilience as humans in a battle with a technological enemy. On a set that is out to trap them, their job is to escape and survive. Optraken will be a daring show like no other, leaving you in awe at the skill and prowess of these daredevils.