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Julie Cunningham / Alesandra Seutin / Botis Seva: Reckonings Tickets

Sadler's WellsLondon
Don't miss this chance to celebrate with Sadler's Wells!

Julie Cunningham / Alesandra Seutin / Botis Seva: Reckonings tickets are now available!

Sadler’s Wells celebrates 20 years of their current theatre with commissions by contemporary UK based dance makers. Julie Cunningham, Alesandra Seutin and Botis Seva represent a new generation of creative talent and Sadler’s Wells wants to bring their distinctive voices and styles to a wide audience of dance lovers.

This extremely limited 3 show run promises to be a celebration of unique and powerful voices who can help us see and experience the world from different perspectives.

Julie Cunningham danced for 15 years with the renowned Merce Cunningham Dance Company and Michael Clark Company and in 2017 launched Julie Cunningham & Company. Her work uses text to give added depth to movement and focuses on gender and identity.

Alesandra Seutin is a protege of celebrated African Contemporary Dance fixture Germaine Acogny. In 2007 she founded Vocab Dance Company and has been creating, performing and teaching around the world for more than a decade. Her work explores contemporary issues by mixing contemporary and urban dance with African styles. She consciously spotlights the black performing body, art and aesthetic.

Botis Seva and his collective Far From the Norm have performed at Sadler’s Wells in the past. Seva is quickly making a name for himself through his creation of a physical language that, while based in hip hop, is completely his own and both direct and subversive.

Do not miss your chance to see this trio of commissions specially curated by Sadler’s Wells to spotlight the future of Uk dance.

Secure a glimpse into the future of UK dance, book Julie Cunningham / Alesandra Seutin / Botis Seva: Reckonings tickets now.