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Rambert / Ben Duke - Death Trap Tickets

Sadler's WellsLondon
Dance, comedy, tragedy, Rambert and Ben Duke come together in Death Trap at Sadler's Wells
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Tickets for Rambert / Ben Duke - Death Trap are available now!

Combine dance, comedy and tragedy and you get Rambert/Ben Duke - Death Trap

One of Britain’s oldest and most renowned dance theatres Rambert is teaming up with visionary choreographer Ben Duke to explore the profound turbulence and intricacies of life and death. Book your tickets now to see the show at Sadler’s Wells!

About Rambert / Ben Duke - Death Trap

Did Eurydice die? Or did she simply exit stage left?

Are you ready to enter the world of Cerberus? In this world, dancing can very well mean the difference between life and death. A mesmerising retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth from ancient Greece, this melancholy reflection on myth and mortality is complete with funeral gowns…and plenty of Nina Simone classics. 

Her spirit lives on, and is the inspiration behind Goat, a piece which features a live on-stage band performing many of her beloved hits, including ‘Feelings’, ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘Ain’t Got No/I Got, Life’.

About the creatives of Rambert/Ben Duke - Death Trap 

The dancers of Rambert are twirling to the stage once more, following their sell-out Peaky Blinders tour! This time there are not one, but two magnificent short pieces to feast your eyes upon, and with the expert choreography of Ben Duke (Lost Dog), the show promises to weave together the absurd, the savage, and the humorous.

Rambert/Ben Duke - Death Trap tickets are available now! 

Who doesn’t love Greek mythology madness and Nina Simone? The iconic genius of Rambert and Ben Duke is bringing irresistible stories and exceptional dance to Sadler’s Wells, and you don’t want to miss it. Book your tickets now!

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