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Song of the Earth / La Sylphide Tickets

London Coliseum, London4.418 reviews
ENO presents a magical double bill Song of the Earth/La Sylphide, performed for the first time in the UK.

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Song of the Earth / La Sylphide at the London Coliseum for a limited run in January 2018!

English National Ballet perform Kenneth MacMillan’s haunting masterpiece and a beloved ballet classic in a special double bill.

Song of the Earth is inspired by Mahler’s haunting song cycle Das Lied von der Erde, MacMillan brings music, poetry and choreography together to capture the fragility of life, and its constant renewal. Three central figures portray the bittersweet reality of love, loss, and mortality: a Woman, a Man and an enigmatic Messenger. First performed in 1965, Song of the Earth was a point of departure for MacMillan’s choreography, surprising and captivating audiences and critics. English National Ballet is honoured to add this revered MacMillan work to its repertoire.

La Sylphide in its UK premiere. On the morning of his wedding to his sweet fiancée Effy, James awakens from a dream to see a mysterious and tantalising Sylphide before him. His obsession with her sets off a fateful sequence of events where joy turns to sorrow, love to betrayal and infatuation to tragedy.

August Bournonville’s classic Romantic ballet is devotedly recreated by Eva Kloborg and Frank Andersen in this captivating production, and is accompanied by an enchanting score, played live by English National Ballet Philharmonic.

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Additional Information

Age restriction

Children under 5 will not be admitted.

Running time

2hr 50min (including interval)

Performance dates

09 January 2018 - 13 January 2018


Recommended for ages 5 and above.

Venue Information

London Coliseum33 St Martin's Lane, London, WC2N 4ES

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Customer Reviews

18 reviews4.4

Martin Ellis16th January

Absolutely great evening! The theatre was traditional and full of character. The show was superb - nice seats, good view, and superb performance. Highly recommended, even if you're not a huge fan of ballet. The experience was pure pleasure.

Laura Saunsbury15th January

I am not a great aficionado of the ballet so do not have much other experience to compare it to but I found Song of the Earth rather dull, slow and inaccessible. The plain leotards of the dancers and complete lack of any scenery or props on stage also made it rather boring. By contrast I found La Sylphide much more entertaining and interesting as there was a clear story to it and the colourful costumes and stage scenery made it much more eye catching and dramatic, especially the group dances. I would definitely go to see La Sylphide again but not Song of the Earth. It made for a long programme combining the two into one show and I think it would have been a more enjoyable evening if they had just done La Sylphide on its own and not bothered with Song of the Earth. I might add if they had put Song of the Earth at the end of the programme after La Sylphide, I for one, and I suspect others, would have walked out before the performance ended.

sharpey 14th January

Three hours is far too long. La Sylphide should have been on first. Should have used the translator above the stage for the German singing and to introduce the parts of Song of the Earth.Individual dancing was sound but the Corp at times were all at sea. The orchestra were excellent and kept the show on the road.

ghiwa dandach14th January

It was a piece of art...very beautiful and artistic

Mandy Woodward14th January

My first real visit to a ballet. Incredibly impressed with the venue of the Coliseum. The Upper Circle was the perfect place for me to see the ballets. Song of the Earth was fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed it. La Sylphide was also excellent and the talent of these dancers is undeniable. I found the two intervals rather strange and would have preferred just the one. All in all a great first experience and I would recommend it.

Lois Davies13th January

An excellent and varied evening of ballet. The combination of singing (contralto in particular was superb) and dance in the first half was a new experience. La Sylphide was magical - wonderful sets, some fine orchestral playing and brilliant dancing especially from James!

Anne Crump13th January

Loved it and enjoyed the contrast between the two ballets.

28parkside13th January

A lovely evening. Great seats

Jean-Marie Gloaguen13th January

It was interesting two see two very different performances in the same evening. However we were suprised that the dancers were often not perfectly synch'ed in their movements: alignments, timing... Very good show anyway and good value for the price.

Heather Harrison12th January

Both ballets were just superb. A minor criticism is that with the black tights of the Messenger in 'Song of the Earth', and the very dark socks worn by the men in 'La Sylphide', meant that times their dazzling footwork was not clearly visible on a poorly lit stage. Occasionally when the stage was better lit and it made such a big difference.

Rosemary Rice12th January

The programme provided a wonderful comparison of styles; the one which had both serious dance and song to add to typical Mahler music, and the other giving a colourful and lighthearted portrayal of solo and corps ballet at its best. An evening of pure enjoyment and admiration of the talent and ahletism.

Pip Parker12th January

Absolutely beautiful ballet plus music plus singing... Gorgeous setting. Utterly lovely. I would go again.....