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Sadler's WellsLondon

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“A showcase for the kind of exciting work for which Rambert is famous”

From underground depths to the outer-reaches of the cosmos, Rambert's new show takes you inside a series of unique worlds. They spring from the imaginations of three of British dance's most distinctive artists and are inhabited by the company's world-class dancers.

The discovery of the 'God Particle' inspires The Strange Charm of Mother Nature, the new work by Rambert's Artistic Director Mark Baldwin. The dancers fizz with the energy of the miniscule building blocks that created life, the universe and everything.

Subterrain is a sensuous, enigmatic voyage underground, created by former Scottish Ballet Director Ashley Page – “a compelling piece, immaculately danced” (The Guardian). Completing the programme is Terra Incognita, choreographed by ground-breaking dancemaker Shobana Jeyasingh, "one of our most imaginative theatrical auteurs" (Financial Times). Her distinctive style combines mathematical rhythmic patterns from classical Indian dance with contemporary movement. The piece draws on urban legends and ancient cartography to look at the politics and power of journeying into the unknown. These performances mark the world premiere of Terra Incognita, Shobana Jeyasingh's first work for Rambert.

The performance is accompanied throughout by live orchestral music, ranging from Bach’ Brandenburg Concerto no 3, through Stravinsky’s  Dumbarton Oaks to original compositions by Gabriel Prokofiev and Cheryl Frances-Hoad. Fuelled by this music and packed with vivid dancing, Rambert’s Triptych is a thrilling spectacle.  Beautiful and breathtaking, it will live long in your memory.