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Other Palace StudioLondon
Normality tickets available for limited 1-week run!

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Normality comes to The Other Palace, tickets available now!

Nige Reid and Jules Kleiser have brought Normality to London’s premiere Off-West End venue for developing musicals, The Other Palace. Do not miss your chance to catch this musical map to explaining and quantifying love in a world of ulterior motives where people aren’t always who they say they are. Normality has come to London for an extremely limited 1-week trial run this autumn, so be sure to book your tickets now to ensure you’ve got the very best seats at the very best prices.

Limited 1-week run of Normality invites your feedback

This intelligently comic new musical tells the tale of a progressive rock (and computer) prodigy named Norman Goodman. When Norm, a nice, likeable guy, unexpectedly finds himself with an entry-level City job in London it doesn’t take long for his skills to shine through. It seems that Norman has a knack for developing a system that can predict market trends...

Suddenly Norman finds himself in the midst of a disastrous financial scam. In a world where people seem to be bankrupt in more ways than one, can you really trust anyone? Normality questions contemporary capitalism and how much true friendship is worth. It wrestles with some very familiar challenges with humour and heart.

New musical from Nige Reid and Jules Kleiser

Normality writers Nige Reid and Jules Kleiser both come from ‘the rock industry proper.’  First and foremost songwriters and musicians, they have a history of producing performance-based shows. The duo have had previous residences at The Edinburgh Festival and made musical shows based on the life of American singer and songwriter Hank Williams as well as the films of the legendary director Quentin Tarantino.  They have also made a documentary, Swim, Santa, Swim! which follows Nige Reid on a journey the prepare himself for an endurance event at the World Cold Water Swimming Championships.

Tickets for Normality at Andrew Llyod Webber’s The Other Palace are on sale now. Book your tickets early to ensure you have a seat to this new developing musical as it is only playing a very limited engagement!